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  1. few known errors, certain prefabs wrong y value, need to fix on case by case basis, if anyone could list incorrect prefab y values, i can fix, sorry, new job coding, and little free time
  2. yes, at the time of creation CP was v38, should work though, sorry been busy and havent updated to match
  3. awesome, im sorry i didnt see your post last night, but im glad you got it firgured out
  4. at the launch of a17, it was possible, albeit schetchy, they have since removed that, and reported rwg broken, but will fix in a18. nitro does have an option to import the genhm.png and poigm.png and will generate you a raw file
  5. i generated a 24k map, 38,000 prefabs in total. "out of memory error on launch." took 2.5 hours on 7700k 4.8 32gb ram titanXpascal. just for refernece, 2 minutes for 8k 5 for 16k
  6. ya i did a long test last night and found a few things floating, a few sunken in the ground a little. i will have to take a look at the y offset of everyhitng, i will do that today
  7. thats good info to know. i guess the map i generated was just too high then, even at 100 it was snow. but awesome none the less
  8. Greetings Damocles, thank you for the promotion, i saw someone asking for it, so im sure others would like to include Magoli's CP with your RWG. on another note, i could not for the life of me get the biome per elevation back that i used to love, i hate finding snow in a valley, and a desert on top of a mountain, if you could add an option for that i would be greatful, here is 1.0 of Epic cities from a16.4 for reference on the biome per elevation
  9. yes, darkness falls is a mod, where as this is a world, install that mod, then pick this work when you start the game, or in the serverconfig.xml then you can play that mod on this world
  10. Consider your Day Made my friend : https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?118879-Compo-pack-lt-gt-NitroGen
  11. Compo-pack <-> Nitrogen Hmm, I'll just leave this here https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?118879-Compo-pack-lt-gt-NitroGen
  12. This combines Compo-pack and NitroGen. All hail Magoli and Damocles append my list to the end of the prefablist in nitrogen McTaco Compo-pack List for NitroGen Download Link please leave a comment, feedback on issues, if any - - - Updated - - - Tested, fixed one error, changed themepark to unique
  13. yes, 17.4 was just a performance patch. it did not edit the rwgmixber
  14. Here is an 16k Version 10k prefabs in total Download Link 16k - - - Updated - - - Here is an 4k Version 1k prefabs in total Download Link 4k - - - Updated - - - done
  15. Here is an 8k Version 3k prefabs in total Download Link 8k
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