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[Mod][CurrentState:Preparations] Seven Days Since I Died


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My new mod is in the making, and this is the official announcement, from a vague idea to the modmaking process. First Steps have been made, now i am preparing/writing my tools for the xml modifications (Which i mostly then will give also out to the community as soon as i am finished).


Whats the mod about:

As the name suggests, it puts a twist on the 7d2d Motto, - and reverses it.


YOU are the Zombie, but somehow your br-thinking apparaturs is still (mostly) intact - you don't like to call it brain, because brains are food, and you dont like to think of yourself in terms of food items....


This means many changes from the standard game, which many of you will not like, but please, give them a chance:


Beginning with food and water:

Instead of Food and Water, there are now 3 Gauges to keep an eye on:


Matter, Fluidity and theHunger.


Matter: As you are a Zombie and not a Human anymore, you are constantly regenerating health, but this only works as long as your Matter-Meter is filled (So you need to ingest organic matter to refill it - any organic matter, the greasier the better...)- but you dont lose health if it goes to/below zero


Fluidity: Roughly equals Thirst as a Human, since you have to keep your body fluid and prevent it from turning into dust, but since you are already (un)dead, you dont loose health if it gets to zero, instead you become slower and slower as your body stiffens


theHunger: Well, you might have guessed it, but - you need brain. freshly harvested, yummy human brain is the best, but also brain-soup, kill-ex's brain-flakes, and other self cooked brainy stuff will suffice. While this meter is low, you might be recognized as a human by traders, but as this meter goes up, well, your hunger becomes more and more visible, and the traders will show their "trust" in terms of higher prices, or even dont trade with you at all, if you stare at them with red, hungry eyes.....



more info to come soon (probably with the start of a17), first screenshots of the tools too, screenshots of first versions a bit later.


*) You are a recently died person, so factions and their behaviour to you changes:

Zombies: Neutral

Wildlife: Aggressive

Humans (Survivors), like in the Darkness Falls Mod: Mostly Aggressive (some might not notice that youre not human anymore)

Humans (Freaked out) (like the Ghouls in the Dying Lands mod): Agressive, mostly running day and night



*)Things have changed (well, not really, things are things, but YOU have changed), so.... most items will be vanilla items in the mod, BUT RTFM......for example: gasoline + glas jar + rag =?; right, molotov cocktail...but...since your brain is not working THAT good anymore, and its called cocktail.....well, its a drinking item with a "refined" taste, and a rag to wipe your mouth afterwards....

(or in other words: many vanilla items will have a completely different use or even just a different effect, so read the descriptions)

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