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  1. After using the world editing tools on a world that was using a savegame, your savegame is edited, and after loading the savegame you are stuck in godmode, which is not deactivatable. or to be concrete: You stay in godmode, even if its disabled using debug menu. Why tf is the world editing tool loading my savegame, editing it, and saving the broken version?
  2. i think the best solution would be normal houses as normal houses (16.4 prefabs), but whenever you do a trader quest, it should lead you to a poi house (17.2 prefabs) in some special places, that are not even reachable without taking the trader's quest. or - as a hybrid of what i want and damocles said: let all houses be normal houses without paths and normal loot without those uber-loot boxes, but as soon as we start a trader's quest -> transform the hosue into its poi equivalent. (and retransform it back on delivery of the quest to the trader)
  3. Please, declare it, and make it a sticky: HOW BIG is the zombie no spawn zone for bedrolls and / or claimstones. Everyone is telling something different. Things i heard so far Bedrolls: its 7. its 15. its 30. (But no one seems to know if thats diameter or radius size......) Claimstones: its none. its 7. its 15. its 30. it depends on your settings for the server claimsize without deadzone. It depends on your settings for the server claimsize with deadzone) .... No Spawn zone meaning: i heard: It means no random spawns. It means no sleeer spawns. it doesnt affect spleeper spawns. it affects horde spawns. it doesnt. ....
  4. i did it in one of the earlier experimentals - i think it was B208. It took 72 Minutes on my machine, Loading a game that was using the map took about 10 minutes.... My Spec: 32 GB Ram, Ryzen 1700 (at that time not overclocked, so running at 3.3Ghz) Zotac Geforce 1080 (non-ti, with nice factory oc, but not very much) And it had problems with memory consumption. Loading game, exiting to menu, loading game again, exiting to menu -> Memory consumption of 7d2d was about 29 GB.
  5. Also load times for singe player games are inacceptable. I made a 16km world to test - which took 72 minutes to generate. Ok, thats long, but since its only done once, i can live with it. But, when i try to load my game on with this world (continue) it takes more than 15 minutes to load. Thats something i cannot live with. (Or the excessive amount of main menory thats used (16k map = 15 Gig Ram, going back to menu twice and clicking continue: 28 Gigs Ram used, followed by crash to desktop - i guess there is a ram leak somewhere......)
  6. Sorry, but thats just an immersion breaking inconvenience. A real WTF Moment so to say. I wanted to style my home, with the paint-brush, and what do i see? all the paints from a16 have been replaced with the run-down textures from a17. Yeah, quite logical from that point of view. But.....why the heck is it not possible to add clean colors only to the painting tool? painting rust? painting colored concrete with color that already has seen 200 years and breaks of the wall and looks rundown? painting moldy walls? Sorry, but thats cheap. Those textures should be disabled in the painting tool completely, and replaced against fresh colors. Like the a16 concrete colors.
  7. ..erm...Taylor Swift bears the risk of the drive jumping out of your window. (or through the closed window if it isnt open)....
  8. i prefer the one button method, but it would be nice if it only did work when the speed of the vehicle is 0.
  9. Just something i beg from @dev : please, give us xsd for the xml modding this time. That would save sooo much time for those writing modding tools....
  10. i think the 7day hordes should be changed. they should not attack the user, but try to attack the claimstones of the user (blaim it on the reflections of the redmoon, or something), and only attack the user, if they really sense him/her. Currently you can save-bunker all your tools and items, and then for 7day go to the rooftop of some bigger store, destroy the ladder , and just wait it out. If the 7day hordes (and only those, every other zed should still try to find YOU) would attack the bases, then you really would have a reason to defend your base.
  11. following the release cycles up from a13, i'd rather say 3 years until 17.5, but you know, it could also be 5 years....
  12. now trying the easy mode, and everywhere is snow, just as its called, but......it has 22 Degrees outside, even at night......snow. 22 degrees. i cant wear clothing because its hot.....
  13. Meh. Romero edition is not what i hoped. spawned, pink equipment in the box (level over 500 on most of it), after 2 steps surrounded by more than 200 zeds, and more incoming without a pause. no chance to put down anything, so no crafting of bandages. Get the zed amount down on romero edition, this is just unplayable. (In addition to the lags from the spawning of the zombies. so no aiming with 10 fps.. tried it again, fled into a city, but constant zombies. used up all my starting ammo (200 rifle, 300 pistol) - nearly every shot a headshot. piles of zeds on the floor, occasionaly a flyer, and also spitting cops at level one. still zombies incoming. level 10 by now - its 15:00 on the first day, no rest, no chance to craft anything. just killing zeds with guns. then death because no ammo left. This is no mod, this is bs. You completely took out crafting, building and everything. This is just a shooter. There are better shooters than this.
  14. I am really sceptical about the new zombie loot. i always play with loot respawn off, so we'll see if that will still be an option, or if i stay with other games and forget about 7d2d
  15. i don't like the look of the new beer fridge. C'mon, tfp, those fridges are always almost completely empty, theres maybe one or 2 beers in it, and its the wasteland, so why does the texture display a full fridge, full of cooled beer, when there is no power to the fridge, and the fridge is mostly empty? shouldn't the texture more be like: https://www.google.at/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjTuq3g0fzdAhU_wAIHHSFoBH8QjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.alamy.com%2Fempty-fridge-bottle-beer-image281984582.html&psig=AOvVaw1OI8-vbR5UptW0MVTdTtSM&ust=1539287181334433
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