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  1. 10k prefabs on 7dtd ... quantum computer requiered O_O
  2. hi! i have an issue, it keeps telling me error loading account, but i never had this problem when i played on 1.7.x . i tried with vanilla and other mods and i have no problem
  3. football players, lucky. i had policemen in a feral horde day 2
  4. i had this and i don't know why it worked when i checked "refresh auto" before launch the game. it takes time to load anyway, but worth it
  5. yes, lights and other things too. i would prefere less crates than less farming loot. until now i like this 5.3 but i really have the feeling i'm playing ravenhearst without this time to loot what takes years hopefully. i noticed (don't know if it's only in wotw) is chair defense finally doesn't work anymore. the fact you can't unlock pretty much everything before day 6 is a good thing and the hordes who stay in the area instead to desapear far away is great too
  6. hi! i just discovered the other biomes, i didn't red all notes to have some surprises, really good job. i ran like a tourist towards north and i almost die but thx to a big rock i managed to stay alive. even treasure hunt is becoming interesting now. and the spreaading radiations zone is a good idea, except when it's start at the exact same spot than your defense base for bloodmoon's hordes ( i thought i could stop it with a trench but i just bought time) you've made an awesome work on this mod
  7. hello, great work (i even said so much work done wow) it's my favorite mod since i found it, there is just one thing in the last update too many traders and coins(even with 50% loot setup), last game (in solo) i was full steel base, silver armor 500+ turret blade trap hd etc day 30 and i don't even had to mine for concrete and i just bought what i needed to finish some quest in class trader. i spawned close to pirate boat 1 big city 3traders (1dwalls trader) and "the village" in 1 maybe 2km² . it's just an idea but it could be rebalance with no basic trader and/or class vending machine in a bandit "trader" camp. it will be more challenging to trade
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