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Do zombies consider all hatches as they consider blocks?


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I built a base without a hatch at the fighting position. I used a block instead and upgraded it to concrete. The zombies completely ignored it and went around to weaker areas of the building. When I damaged the block enough, they then came to me. 


Now, do zombies not view hatches as obstacles or if I was to use steel hatches would they completely ignore them and look for a weaker spot to beat on?

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What we do is upgrade everything except where we want to Z's to come at us to the highest level, then leave the approach at the next lower level.  That way the Z's hopefully see that as the easiest path.  And keep lots of repair materials in our inventory along with repair tools.


Also along the walls the traps are at ground level, along the approach we sink them so they are not an additional barrier to the approach and instead use barbed wire and blade traps along the sides of the approach once we get them.


Shotgun turrets on top for the vultures, and smg turrets at the front if things get too wild..

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