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Will 7 Days implement FSR 3.0?

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Sorry, English is not my main language and I used Google Translate to write this.


AMD has introduced FSR 3.0, a technology that promises to greatly increase gaming performance. With FSR 3.0, gamers can experience a significant increase in frames per second (FPS) in a wide variety of games, even on older AMD graphics cards. Although its inclusion in specific games like "7 Days to Die" has not yet been confirmed, this technology promises to change the way we enjoy our favorite video games.


I have a doubt if we can enjoy this technology in this 7 days, which is one of my favorite games and I would love it more if I could enjoy it in a more stable way. I have to greatly acknowledge and thank the developers for working hard to improve performance in the last alpha, which has led me to play it again, but there is still a lot to polish in terms of performance, but it will always be my favorite game.

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