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what other zombie animals should be added?

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we have the vultures, bears and dogs. why is there no zombie chicken or zombie rabbit as strong as the rabbit on Monty Python? water should have zombie alligators. what about a zombie peacock or zombie e mule? Zombie hummingbird?

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Zombie deer are faster then zombie dogs spawn as male and female (deal same damage) give lacerations or even cripple limbs . And fast enough to run down a 4x4! Deals extra damage to vehicles too


Radioactive variant: heals, extra health and deal rad damage 


Zombie boar, have headshot resistance, eats dead zombies to gain extra health. Can, much more hp. Can puke at range 


Radioactive variant: heals, extra health, radiation damage. Puke does radiation damage 


Zombie cougar: jumps even higher then spider zombies, (20 block high and long) deals extra bleed and armor damage 

Radioactive: Same as others 


Zombie wolfs: chance to spawn with zombie dogs, can howl and spawn more zombies around you like a screamer but much less, will spawn on bloodmoond too

Deals Same damage as a direwolf. 


Radioactive zombie dogs: more damage, radiation damage, heals, extra health.  


Zombie bear update, deals 200% more damage to blocks! He can spawn on bloodmoon hordes. 


Radioactive zombie bear: EVEN MORE HP about 5000, heals, deals radiation damage, extra block damage. 




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