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The ephemeral Zombie will it be fixed

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I have been playing 7DTD for quiet a while (2000 hours or more) and it has improved greatly in the quality of the world and the AI but poor shot recognition is a very common bug when the Zombie gets a ephemeral incorporate body and your attacks go straight through it.  It usually is just one or two shots that pass through it but I have had instances where it is just invulnerable.  One case in point was on a blood moon and a demolition zombie managed to explode, I always have the M60 ready for them and let loose with 120 round magazine and it just ran up and "boom". I would say that about 5% of shots fail to register, are there any improvements planned? 

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Agree, this seems to be more prolific in the past year than it every was. point blank headshot hitting the wall behind is annoying. Its like the hitboxes contort and shrivel or at times appear to be 1 pixel is size for the head.

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