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Hello I would like to change the fuel type and repair kit for the vehicles, but without success.
Is there a way to do it?
Example of what I would like:

<property name="RepairTools" value="resourceVehiclesRepairKit"/>

<property name="Consumables" value="resourceVehicleElec"/>


And last but not least, is it possible that we can't fix them?


Thank you for your answers

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I have a mod that does "proper repair kits".  But could never figure it out for vehicles.   Changed them for everything else in the game, but just not vehicles.  A lot is hard coded on vehicles and I have never seen or found a way to get a custom repair kits for a vehicle.  Would love it if it happened, though, so I could truly complete my mod.


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You could ask the author of Apocalypse Now mod how he did it to get his vehicle repair kits working.

Or check which external mod he included for this (IF he used a mod from someone else for this) and ask the author of that mod.


If it just works in xml without changes in C# (what I would normally expect) you could also just read the code of the mod to learn the secret.


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Vehicles are hard-coded to use "resourceRepairKit", so that mod likely renamed that one for vehicles, or used C#. The easy way to edit the vanilla repair kit to work how you want for vehicles, then make every other item use a different one.


Fuel changes would need C# as well.

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