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  1. More Crafting and Decorating Items. Your Base does not have to be bland! This mod allows you to craft Conduit and Pipes of different shapes and sizes so you can look as good as you survive! Server Side Friendly. Jus drop it in and go. If you find any issues, please let me know. Change Log: V1.0 - A19 - Initial Release IceBurg_Craft_Pipes_and_Conduit_V1_0.zip
  2. Just in time to decorate your base for Halloween. This gives you recipes for crafting Gore Blocks, Gravestones, Body Bags, and Coffins. Server side friendly, just drop it in and go. The coffins are modified copies of the ones in the Vanilla game, so you can't just craft your own coffins and break them down for Diamonds and stuff. Just wood. If you find any issues, please let me know and I will correct them. Change Log: V1.0 - A19 - Initial Release. IceBurg_Craft_Gore_Cemetary_Items_1_0.zip
  3. Is it possible to change my user name on the forums? Thanks for any info on doing that.
  4. OK all, I figured it out. holy crap. my stupidity is killing me!
  5. Thanks for the reply. But I am looking for icons that are present in the game that are NOT in the item icons folder. I can see them when in creative mode and pick them out to place. But I can't find them to use in a custom item. Basically, I am looking for all of the different coffins. I can see them in creative, I can select them in creative. The icons exist somewhere, but I can't find them. Tinting the one that is in that folder is an option, but when dealing with so many different items, it would be hard to tell what is what.
  6. thanks. I will check them out. When I go into creative mode, I can see all the icons I want. I just don't know where they are located. I have tried extracting from unity files, etc... but I keep coming up with nothing. My biggest problem is I don't want this to be used an an exploit. So people can craft their own coffin out of just wood, break them down and get diamonds. So I am creating a custom item that will ONLY return wood when you break it down. Oh well. the search continues.....
  7. yeah. A link would be great. I tried a forum search but came up blank. Thanks
  8. the coffins, if they exist. but not sure where to find the item icons. I am creating a halloween decorating mod and really want the coffins icons. It is the only thing I am missing. All of the other pieces I got working.
  9. Is there a mod that adds car alarms to some of the cars? kind of random if a car alarm goes off or not. I know I have seen it in a play through of someone. I think warezuk. but looking for how they did it, or if there is just a stand alone mod that does it. Thanks
  10. anyone know where the icons are stored? Or how to export them? I have tried the asset bundle extractor and export item icons... I just can't find this stupid icon I am looking for. It may not exist and it is in the xmls by mistake, though. I don't know how I got the ItemIcons folder on my 19.1 version, though. it was just there. maybe from 19.0 and it is no longer in 19.1???
  11. Well, I can get it to work for 15, 16, and 17. but I get a launch error for version 14. Still no luck finding the icon that is referenced in the xmls....
  12. I will try that. not in 18.4. will keep going back to see if I can find a version that works....
  13. When and where are the item icons stored in previous versions of 7 days? I am trying to find an older icon for an item. just the .png file. I have found them in alpha 19 in data\itemicons. I thought that is where they always were, but upon installing a couple of older versions, that folder is not there. even after creating a new game and launching that game. Any info on this would be helpful. Thanks
  14. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to play with this!
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