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  1. New version is out. 1.6. bug fix and adjustments to the stats of the baby animals.
  2. Yeah. it won't. Basically what is happening is the way the code is written is a little future proof. I am trying to append the animal to a proper group, and the game is not finding what I am searching for. Since what is produced is just a warning and not an actual error, I didn't really worry about it.
  3. yellow is fine. it is from the way I am searching to add them to the appropriate groups (which is extensive on some of them). No issue with them being yellow.
  4. It is the same item, so if that happens in the base game, then I would guess that it works like that with these as well.
  5. Crap. I uploaded the wrong .zip file to this one. I was uploading a few mods that day and flubbed this one. Will upload the correct file in about 5 minutes. ok. corrected. Sorry about that.
  6. They require the Workbench to craft them. They will show up in the workbench crafting area. If it is not working for you after you look there, I will install just this mod on a clean game a double check it.
  7. Glad you like it. I plan on making another mod, or possibly changing this one to add in "teenage" animals as well. And possibly "feral" versions of all animals. Feral versions would be a little larger than the adults, and if I can, would have colored eyes like the zombies do. The next baby animals update though will add in rabbits and chickens with "baby" versions so ALL animals have baby versions.
  8. New version is out with BIG changes and a bug fix!
  9. Well, found a solution to my issue. I was hoping for a more elegant solution, but this will do for now. <append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[descendant::entity[@name='animalZombieDog' and not(@prob='0.05' or @prob='0.15' or @prob='9' or @prob='30' or @prob='4')]]"> <entity name="animalIceburgBabyZombieDog"/> </append> The one for animalZombieVulture is crazy long because of all of the "prob" attributes defined for it. Thanks for all the help leading me to this solution. WAY better than manually adding them to each ind
  10. That is what I was hoping for. not sure if it is possible. I was thinking if it could be done as an action something like when cars blow up or maybe like in Darkness Falls when the car alarm goes off when you search the car. I have not had time to investigate those options, though.
  11. I started looking into this thinking that the buried treasures had to have some sort of trigger. I thought it may be the container itself, but didn't see it in my quick look at it.
  12. ok. Still stumped. Let me ask it this way because I have tried everything I can think of on this. how do I select the entitygroup that has animalZombieDog and NOT prob. If I just use <append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[descendant::entity[@name='animalZombieDog']] I select all of them. Even the ones with the prob defined. I need to select only the ones without the prob defined. If I/we can figure this out, it will make for some much shorter and cleaner code for many mods, not just mine. Again any and all help greatly appreciated.
  13. just lurking around, or after it is opened?
  14. tried those. they don't do what I need. And most don't seem to handle "append" or "set" at all.
  15. ok. now I am at this point ad it still does not work... I am lost and tired. will pick up again later. <append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[descendant::entity[@name='animalZombieDog' and [not (contains(property[@name='prob']))]]]"> <entity name="animalIceburgBabyZombieDog"/> </append> <append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[descendant::entity[@name='animalZombieDog' and @prob='0.05']]"> <entity name="animalIceburgBabyZombieDog" prob="0.05" /> </append> If anyone has any idea on what to try, I wo
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