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  1. No. they have fewer hit points and hit less hard. Yes. It is server side friendly. Drop it in and surprise your friends!
  2. Version 1.6 release. Fixes to make fully compatible with Alpha 20.
  3. Variety is the spice of life. I updated my baby animals mod to now include more, thus the name change. A20 ready. This adds Baby and Teen animals to the game. EVERY animal in the game has a Baby and Teen version. Adds variety and some complexity. Baby animals can actually "hide" under the parent thus making them harder to see and kill. Smaller animals are harder to hit as well. Server Side only for all you server folks out there. No client download needed. Version 1.0 - Initial release and upgrade from baby animals mod (which is no longer being worked on). - A20 ready Download from: https://github.com/Iceburg71/Iceburg-Animals-Overhaul
  4. Oh My GOD!!!! That's what happens when I stare at it for too long! thank You
  5. For loot.xml, i am trying to use the following command that worked in a19 (had to change the group name. <remove xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='groupCarWeaponsTools']/property[@name='resourceRepairKit']"/> not sure why. any help appreciated. I don't see anything, but I am probably missing something really simple....
  6. Iceburg71

    Craft Windows

    you should just search for window in the workbench recipes they will show up under the Glass Block Variant Helper
  7. Man, I thought this would be easier than it is. I still don't know hoe to give a player an infection. I wanted to test this mechanic out on something simple like a can of food, but I can't get it to work. Anyone have any insight on how to do this? Tried multiple variations of things. This was my last one.... Any help appreciated.
  8. dough - 1. yes. I am eating the correct food. Double and triple check that one. LOL 2. will try that. thought about it, but hadn't tried it yet. 3. I don't remember if I tried that or not. I tried a few different things, but will make sure I try that one next time I am playing with it. 4. I have exited and entered the game several times and have not entered the "god mode" commands each time. is it persistent between reloads of the game? bdubah - It is a new world (fairly). I did give myself enough xp to get the "newbie" buff to no longer be in effect. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming!
  9. That is not what mine looks like. I will post a pic of what I get when I get a chance.
  10. It does not pull up any information from my .txt file. But it does of the vanilla .txt file. And I don't see it changing the text I write in english to the other languages.
  11. I am working on learning about infections and how to make them work. I wrote a simple modlet creating a food that (i hoped) would automatically infect you. Just a test to learn with. But it doesn't work. When I go into the command console, and I try to give myself "buff buffinfectioncatch" it tells me I am immune??? Is this because I am too low a level in my test world? I didn't think there was any protection like that. Anyway, code is below and any help appreciated. I though food would be easy to test with.. LOL...
  12. Does this automatically update all the languages when I update one of the fields or do I have to manually add in all of the fields myself? Also, it does not work correctly with my localization.txt file for my mod. but it works in the game (for english because that is all I am adding at the moment). Also, the vanilla localization.txt file pulls up correctly. Any thoughts appreciated. My .txt file:
  13. Anyone got an idea on my issue with this?
  14. Ok, I got it downloaded. When I run it, it tells me I need .net installed. It asked me if I wanted to download it. I clicked ok and it took me to a .net download page. I tried both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions, and it still asks me to install .net. so what version of .net is needed, because it takes me to 5.09, but that doesn't work. thanks
  15. I can't download this. Says forbidden if I copy the link to a new tab in my browser. otherwise it just flashes real quick when i click on it to download.
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