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Dedicated server Still initializing.


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Dedicated Server Version: Alpha 20.6 (b9)

OS/Version: Windows Server 2019

CPU: Intel Xeon e5 2667-v2

RAM: 65468



Seems to be an issue with only one of my machines running a dedicated server. I'm guessing there's missing dependencies, but I'm not sure.

The server will launch and appear to be functioning normally but clients receive the message Server Still initializing, when in fact the server is no longer initializing.


I've updated and validated the servers files.

I've removed and reinstalled the server files.

I've wiped the operating system drive, and reinstalled it.


I have ports 26900-26902 opened on this machine.


This machine seems to host other servers just fine.


Here's the servers output log file.



Here's the servers configuration file.



Thanks for any help!

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There's a lot of failures to connect to EOS. So something is blocking that. Dunno what, but you need that to be working.

I see your server online and am prompted for a pw, so it is initialized. A client log may be helpful. If you want to pm me

the pw, I'll generate one and see if I see anything weird.

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Just my 2 cents……. I was getting those exact same EOS libcurl connection errors on my end. After switching my ISP (for unrelated reasons), the errors remain and the issues experienced from this error include partial disconnect from the server keeping me from interacting with items and downloading a new world would freeze at various points in the download requiring me to kill the game and try again. By process of elimination, the issue appears to be my Nighthawk modem/router. Sometimes I can play for a few hours, sometimes a few minutes before needing to leave and rejoin the server. I’m currently researching a new modem. I hope this helps in some way.

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Hallo. I have the same Problem. Linux Dedicated Server. Last Day i and my Daughter were playing on it. Suddenly wie were kicked out of the game. After we started 7D2D again, wie saw our Server. But with the Statment, that 2 out of 2 players would be in the game. After restart my Server and Start the Game ones again, the Server no longer appeared in the list. When i tried to start the game via Server IP the Message appears "Server Still initializing".  How did you solve the Problem? Thank you


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