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Errors on dedicated server


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Hi, all.  I've got server set up for two people running, and it's been fine with just me playing for a week or so.  Yesterday the other player logged in for the first time, and now I'm getting inconsistent errors.


In game, some audio is delayed are either delayed or not functioning.  The first two times I logged in, the errors in the log were these,  minus some info I didn't catch in time:


Warning: backend (something) number of players is out of sync with client


Warning: backend (something) number of open connections is out of sync with client


And after I exit, the console pops up showing:


298.252 EXC NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 

The third time I tried, I got no Backend errors, but instead:

328.084 WRN Calling Animator.GoToState on synchronize layer


With the same NullReferenceException after exit.  The fourth time, I got the same Animator error, things worked sightly better, and no console came up.  Fifth time, same Animator error, played okay except that some interactions were delayed by a second.  Same the seventh time.  Horde night's about to happen, so I'm leaving it until I can fix it, lol.

Any suggestions?


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Moved the post to "General Support". You might want to read the subtext in "servers and community" to find out its use case.


In General Support though it is customary to post your logfile (through pastebin.com) to get qualified help.


Otherwise you'll jsut get general help like:

1) Ignore the animator warnings, they are in every logfile.

2) Maybe that other player has a bad internet connection to your server or maybe a client with old mods or his client crashed at a bad moment? Anyway your savegame is probably broken now.

3) It can't be said often enough: Read the logfiles, the console is just an incomplete excerpt that pops up in case of error. Read the logfile of yesterdays game to find out what happened then. Read the logfile of today to see what is broken.

4) Saying "something" is not helping. Read the logfile, there is the full text to read and to copy/paste if needed.

4) Logfile. Did I mention the logfile? Yes, I did, even in the last thread of yours 😉



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Null reference is such a generic warning now.  Like meganoth stated, the log file will start point to what exactly the issue we are seeing (or at least narrow it down more)


You didn't happen to remove any mods did you?

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