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No zombies in buildings, can't complete clear quests


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Hi.  I'm on day 90, level 150 so not a newbie.  I'm guessing a power failure caused a saving issue and corrupted a file. I'm on a Kubixe County map, if that matters.


When I go into a building, there are no zombies in it.  When I accept a clear quest, any tier (1 through 5), I clear the building but it says that I haven't cleared all the zombies. I can't miss zombies in tier 1 clear quests at my level.


I have created a new game, copied the main.ttw file from it, gone to my problem game, deleted the *.ttw files there and pasted the new main.ttw file. A game restart has not resolved the issue either.


I went into an old game and it is working as it should so it is definitely something with my current map.  What do I try from here to resolve this?



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I had used the settime command.  So I recopied the main.ttw file.  Still no difference.


If I get other suggestions and they don't work, I'll delete my character.  I'll strip everything off of my character and store the stuff first (hopefully that works).  I can always change the experience multiplier and double the number of zombies in a blood moon to get experience back quickly.

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You can actually create a new game on the same map, and copy your character into it. The base, well you can always spare some time for quick rebuild using creative menu. I actually find it fun to start a new map with a "grown up" character, but I get rid of all the items I've got. Hight level ensures you'll get enough loot to survive, but first BM can be tricky 🤪

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How do I delete my character?


I deleted my profile but it didn't help. 


I copied the player.xml file from another save game.  That was interesting.  Everything that that character had on them transferred into the "problem" game.  However, it showed the old map.  As I traveled, the map updated to the new map.  I still don't have the zombies acting like they should though.


Maybe I'll just copy players from old games into a brand new game and be done with it........

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