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tell me。Set player initial spawn position


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excuse me.
In the world editor,
Procedure for setting the initial spring position"
please tell me.

- Please forgive the strange sentences due to translation







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  • a_jp changed the title to tell me。Set player initial spawn position

It's Japanese. As the same text appears twice, I'm thinking they intended to run a translation program on one of the two.

Anywho, it reads:


"Pardon me. 

Please tell me how to set and delete initial player spawn points in the World Editor.

-please excuse any strange grammar due to the translation"


And there you have it. Can't explain what they want to know, just know Japanese.

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Mr.BFT2020 - Mr. -,Cranberry Monster

Thank you.
In the work of pasting the translated
I was making a mistake.


5 hours ago, BFT2020 said:

助けになるかもしれませんが、これは英語のフォーラムであり、私は怠惰すぎてこれが何語であるかを理解することさえできません。それを翻訳するのはまだ一人  です😉


3 hours ago, Cranberry Monster said:

日本語です。同じテキストが 2 回表示されているので、2 つのうちの 1 つに翻訳プログラムを実行するつもりだったのだと思います。




ワールド エディターで最初のプレイヤー スポーン ポイントを設定および削除する方法を教えてください。




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I am not sure how you can do it in World Editor, but I know of a way to do it (someone smarter might come along later with precise directions to do everything in World Editor).


From world editor, make a note of the coordinates for the spawn point you want.


Go to your save location for worlds and open up the world you are modifying (see screenshot of my example)




Open up the spawnpoints.xml file in an editor and change / delete spawn points in there.




For reference, first number is west / east (negative is west), then z position (height), finally south / north (south is negative).


Not sure if rotation is critical as I never added spawn points, just removed some

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Mr.BFT2020-looks! Thank you ><
thank you!

8 時間前、BFT2020 は次のように述べています。

World Editor でそれを行う方法は分かりませんが、その方法は知っています (遅く、World Editor ですべてを行うための正確な指示を知っている賢者が現れるかもしれません)。


ワールド エディターから、必要なスポーン ポイントの座標を書き留めます。


世界の保存場所に移動し、変更している世界を開きます (私の例のスクリーンショットを参照)




エディターで spawnpoints.xml ファイルをそこに開き、にあるスポーン ポイントを変更または削除します。




参考までに、最初の数値は西/東 (マイナスは西)、次のz位置 (高さ)、最後に南/北 (南はマイナス) です。




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On 8/23/2022 at 5:51 PM, a_jp said:

excuse me.
In the world editor,
Procedure for setting the initial spring position"
please tell me.


to set a spawnpoint in the world editor (does not work in a regular game or prefab editor), you need to press F6 and select the first button from the bottom row (on screenshot). A spawn point will appear where you are looking. If you hold down the G key, you can move the point. And if you select it and press K, an additional window will open in which you can adjust the direction of view when the player appears at this point.
to delete a spawnpoint, you need to select it and press the Backspace button (this is the key that erases the written text). The points are selected by clicking the left mouse button. Good luck! :)


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"How to create an initial spawn site on the 7dtd program" Thank you.


Party play that everyone springs apart so you can

control It looks like it will be easier from the next wipe ♪




-- Please forgive me for changing the sentences in the translation.

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