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  1. Well, I need to ask, I have been tormented by this question for several days, I hope I am not alone Dear developers, please explain: 1. The image below the number 1 shows the concept of a primitive rifle, which, apparently, shoots 7.62 rounds. What will such a rifle be made of? After all, it looks too good for the primitive stage. 2. I understand that this is just a concept, but still it is a rifle with a lever mechanism, which implies faster reloading of rounds. If so, this weapon looks more profitable than a hunting rifle. How will these rifles be balanced? 3. The image below the numb
  2. Remind, please, to what GS does the "Stone Age" last and when do iron, steel, gasoline-powered tools start to fall out? I keep forgetting ...
  3. What conclusion can be drawn from all this: Well, the 280-character limit on Twitter isn't such a bad idea, huh? To be serious, sometimes I think that thousands of players forget what "early access" and "alpha version" means, regardless of how many years the game is at this stage. Offer something useful, and leave criticism and frustration until the game is released in gold. See you on the other side of the release.👋
  4. Hi, can anyone explain (maybe @madmole ) what is the Difficulty Bonus in the formula for calculating the game stage? And why is it always equal to 1.2 regardless of difficulty (although the name hints that it should be the other way around) ?
  5. *This is the moment when you've played a lot in Quake 3 Arena and don't understand what the problem is at all* 😅
  6. this is from a one player: 2020-12-06T14:31:31 330.398 INF Time: 4.93m FPS: 18.39 Heap: 2605.4MB Max: 2605.4MB Chunks: 595 CGO: 239 Ply: 1 Zom: 8 Ent: 11 (30) Item: 2 CO: 1 RSS: 7418.0MB 2020-12-06T14:32:01 360.429 INF Time: 5.43m FPS: 20.92 Heap: 2702.7MB Max: 2702.7MB Chunks: 611 CGO: 232 Ply: 1 Zom: 3 Ent: 5 (41) Item: 2 CO: 1 RSS: 7838.0MB Another player sent: 2020-12-07T09:10:33 3759.579 INF Time: 61.22m FPS: 20.95 Heap: 2440.0MB Max: 2540.1MB Chunks: 254 CGO: 179 Ply: 1 Zom: 4 Ent: 15 (61) Items: 4 CO: 1 RSS: 3022.2MB 2020-12-07T09:11:03 3789.5
  7. If my subscribers write me their observations, can I post it here on my own behalf? Edit: It just seems to me that Russian-speaking users will not register and translate their messages, and I can't reproduce this problem myself.
  8. I have to ask - everyone saw this moment on stream, right? What's it? Subscribers often contact me with this problem, and all I can recommend is to enter "pois" command in the console. Can the dev-team (possibly @faatal) explain why imposters do not disappear from the location, disturbing players? In Alpha 19, this is a very common problem. It seems to me that this is a RAM problem, and the swap file helps some people, but not everyone. Tell us if this problem can be fixed in A19, what is it related to, and whether it will be fixed in A20? Thank you very much.
  9. I talked to one of the subscribers in discord, and we tried to find a solution to this problem from him. I think that the problem is in RAM. It seems that some chunks cannot fully load, so the system leaves the imposter in place, assuming that the POI is not loaded. I suggested that we make a swap file for it, which the system will determine itself. Now he advises this to everyone, because his problem has become quite rare...
  10. Well, he seems to know what he's talking about! 😂
  11. Thanks! I worked hard for several evenings on two minutes of video and now I see that it's not for nothing
  12. Hi guys! How can I send this to the game's official Twitter? How can I show this to Joel? 😄
  13. Dynamite has the same problem, is it fixed too? In addition, there are problems in the animation of grenades, if we talk about errors of throwing weapons. Should I describe the bug report or is it a known problem? Thank you for your work
  14. If I remember correctly, you can build frames on frames, than remove the lower ones and the upper one will "attach" to the tree and hang like that. But I'm not sure.
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