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  1. Yes, I agree that AI should react to any combination of blocks, but surely bandits should be smarter than zombies? I mean, when a player makes noise in a large location, zombies coming from outside usually just hit the walls under the player because they don't see a way to get to the player. And what will the bandits do? Or because of their small number (you won't have to design a horde of bandits from 64 units, right?) will the area of their path search be significantly wider?
  2. Hello @faatal! I am interested in your opinion about the possibility or impossibility of drawing up a common navigation path for zombies? At least in POIs. Of course, this method of orientation is used on pre-modeled and indestructible terrain, but after all, the tile system and POI in a sense are small pre-modeled locations. And where the paths are broken (destroyed or built up), the "classic" method of path finding can already be included. However, it is possible that I am talking some nonsense πŸ˜…
  3. @SnowDog1942 seems to be your way outπŸ˜„
  4. Hello @faatal. I have a couple of questions about optimization A 20 (although these questions arose earlier). 1. I noticed an interesting way of optimization - on remote objects, on LOD models, the number of framerate for animation decreases. Do you think it can help the game if distant trees, zombies and other objects move "skipping" frames? 2. If I turn off the "brain" of a zombie, and then turn on the display of the perception of noise and light in a sleeping zombie, I will see that the zombies track the player's position up to 5 digits after the dot (for example, 64.74735). Moreover, when the player stops (visually it looks like this), he will still continue to move in place, but sooo slowly (because the 5 digits after the dot will continue to change). Does such accuracy of player tracking somehow affect the workload of the system (probably the processor?). Thank you for your work.
  5. It's just a twitch integration option (I think)
  6. In A 20, the amount of antibiotics in the loot and honey in the stumps is significantly reduced, and the course of infection is accelerated. I think it's too early to say that this happens extremely rarely, the experience of 19 now does not count
  7. I was streaming on Friday with "graph fps" turned on, and I've never seen so few spikes. Almost always a smooth pink stripe (at first I thought it was brokenπŸ˜„). And after the last FPS update today, next to the updated Dishong Tower and in general in the city center, even during the BM on 64 zeds, FPS did not fall below 30-40. It's just amazing. Thank you guys!πŸ™
  8. Sorry, I don't know where else to ask this, but how can old prefabs be converted to new forms? I downloaded the location from A19, and it all consists of "lost blocks" and question marks. The devteam didn't rebuild all the prefabs manually, did they?
  9. I always have fun with this story about how players go crazy on specific dates. Cyberpunk was promised at an early date, the development team crunches - CDPR is bad! 7 Days to die does not promise anything, the devteam works in a convenient schedule. And guess what? TFP is bad! Of course! πŸ˜„
  10. Everyone is waiting for the number of MF to decrease from 8 to 0. @MechanicalLens : Oh by the way... Nice moment to remember some serious bug!πŸ˜„ But seriously speaking, it's good that you help the devteam catch bugs
  11. It seems to me that your demands to give the game to everyone at once look selfish, because you don't think about which option will be the best for the game and the game studio, you think about what will be best for you. And the game, by the way, deserves huge popularity, and if the stream weekend contributes to this popularity, then so be it, isn't it? I am one of those streamers who will get early access to A20. I'm not bragging about it, I just hope that you will express everything you think about me and calm down, and the TFP team will be able to finish the work calmly. Do you want TFP to hear other people's opinions? I want it too, and here's my opinion: keep up the good work, guys, you'll do everything right. I think so now, I thought so even before I started creating videos on Youtube. 😎
  12. Hello! Earlier, Mr. @madmole wrote that construction in the A20 will require fewer clicks, and I support this. But when players paint their buildings, they still use a lot of clicks. Is it possible to make an improved "brush", for example, a spray can with paint or a roller that would paint the blocks that the player is looking at from one click of a button and would not have to press 100500 times on the mouse button? Also interesting is the opinion of @faatal - would it be difficult to do this from a technical point of view? Perhaps this can already be done with mods? And there is also a request from many players to expand the list of lamps and lighting devices that a player can make. Yes, it can be easily done with mods, but players often want it in the vanilla version of the game. What do you think about it?
  13. I would not mind if the game had more skeletons in different positions, more bones. But, of course, they must be with pieces of flesh. Well, TFP already knows it better than me
  14. Hello @faatal! Thanks for the great stream! But I need to ask - where is the water? I mean, Lathan was traveling on the Navezgane map, and on it there is a river between the forest and snow biome. Even the bridge is visible. Will there be water in the A20? πŸ˜„ (sorry if I missed the answer on the stream or forum)
  15. Hello @faatal ! I would like to ask a few questions: 1. what are you currently working on? What was the most interesting thing this week? 2. do you already know what your developer stream will be about? Can you briefly outline a set of topics? 3. many people ask if the "stone age" will be regulated in the settings? Will there be a switch for the "stone age", as for the "feral sense", so that you can turn it off? Although I like this mechanic, but many people want to speed it up/slow it down/disable it. And Mr. Madmole previously said that such a switch may appear in the menu.
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