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  1. Thanks! I worked hard for several evenings on two minutes of video and now I see that it's not for nothing
  2. Hi guys! How can I send this to the game's official Twitter? How can I show this to Joel? πŸ˜„
  3. Dynamite has the same problem, is it fixed too? In addition, there are problems in the animation of grenades, if we talk about errors of throwing weapons. Should I describe the bug report or is it a known problem? Thank you for your work
  4. If I remember correctly, you can build frames on frames, than remove the lower ones and the upper one will "attach" to the tree and hang like that. But I'm not sure.
  5. @madmole or @faatal , guys could you please make a special console command for FOV regulation? In settings it will be normal - from 50 to 85, but in debug mode I would like to change it for example to 20. I think it will be good option for movies
  6. Yeah, and please make my favorite weapons OP too! It's a club and crossbow. Bolts must smash legs (even if you fire in head) and club must explode zombies in area. Greater synergy! 😁
  7. @madmole How do you visualize icons in HD? You have a 3D-models for this, right? If so, it technically means that you already have a models, which can be used in game. Will we ever see models of items in hands instead of sacks? A19-20 or later? In gold?
  8. Madmole, you are most likely using models to visualize icons in inventory. This means that technically at least some models of objects already exist - perhaps we could see them one day instead of sacks in our hands or on the floor? What do you think?
  9. It's so strange, when players buy high computer system, litter it and then go on forum to complain about bad optimization in game, which is under develop... I have lower system, but stable 50-60 fps. Technically I understand, that 7DTD have basic optimization, of course there is no limit to perfection, but firstly you need to check your computer. Something like that.
  10. Yeah, of cource... I'll remind you after the gold πŸ˜€
  11. Madmole, and what do you think about idea of static zombies in POIs? I mean zeds, which can't moving, but they can scream a lot, causing damage, when waked up - and wake up zeds around (and maybe summon special zombies). For example it can be zeds on wheelchair, or hanged from ceiling, or just lying with brocken spine etc... Maybe there will be problems with hitboxes (chair, rope), but I think it will be good for atmosphere and for some stealth mechanics, especially if you will make similar corpses, so player must check this zed firstly. Interesting, if anyone else will like this idea?
  12. No no, I talk about flying things and stupid bugs - it's absolutely non-realistic. I think I can survive horde night without any walls in RWG and even in Navezgane, I just need some framesπŸ˜€ And I can't wait to check fixed "bouncy ladders", because I have another similar bug..
  13. Well I found that "bouncy ladder" exploit, and I vote for fixing it But I can find more and I want to see hardcore game in 7DTD without this "zero-cost" bases. So if I make a video with "most cheated" bases with flying buildings, exploits, flying pieces of terrain etc - can you fix it?
  14. Hi guys! I'm a gamebloger from Russia, and my English not good, but I want to show you my crazy work. Everybody here have watched a screenshots by Joel with new zombie models and new lighting on new POIs, right? It looks great in Alpha 19, but how it looks in Alpha 18? I have intrested. So I recreated a locations from dev's screenshots in A18, and now you can compare two versions of the game First half of video devoted to a zombie models, and after 4 minutes goes screenshots from two Alphas. Sorry, but no subtitles. Thanks for your attention, and enjoy!
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