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  1. I think that's why the player was initially given 2 waters. I spent both of them creating duct tapes for primitive weapon, but I was lucky enough to find a pot and one murky water right away, so I wasn't too worried๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Some people are very funny. They were given a game with a completely destructible and built-up world, where each block takes into account physics. Hordes of zombies come at night, up to 64 at a time, who can normally navigate this world and the player's buildings. The player has several branches of leveling perks, a lot of clothes, armor, tools, weapons and the progression of experience accumulation. And it all looks modern, not like Minecraft. And they're like: "Hey, we need extra wheels on the car. What have you been doing there all this time that you couldn't add it to the game????" lol๐Ÿ˜…
  3. don't think I'm bragging, but I've made some simple models in my mod that use the same texture for everyone and randomly appear on zombies (so far it's only Zombie Bo) + 5 different colors = more or less a good variety (although they are still similar, of course). The main difficulty so far is only in setting the correct position relative to the body part.
  4. Almost. Actually, this is a quest POI with 9 burning zombie ferals. But in general, you are right, for those "rich" airdrops that they throw off, it serves them right!๐Ÿ˜…
  5. Oh, I just recently created one for my overhaul mod ๐Ÿ˜›
  6. Hi @faatal! How were your holidays? Tell us about what you are working on now? Maybe you could show some new screenshot? And I have a big request for you - could you please add to StatCompareMax parameters that are applied to vehicles through passive effects (LightIntensity, VehicleVelocityMaxPer and others)?
  7. I think I fixed it, thank you for your attention, the topic may be closed
  8. hi guys, I'm trying to make a decorative modifier for the car to add armor (new model) to the car. But I can't do it - buffs that add attachments to prefabs work fine, but modifications to transport don't seem to want to add these buffs to the car. Do you have any ideas?
  9. Hi @faatal I wanted to ask if you have time to answer. Do you know anything about plans to change the models of the character's hands depending on what kind of armor he is wearing? In addition, I wonder if modders will be able to use some of their custom animations for hands, NPCs in the future? Thank you for your work and happy holidays to you guys
  10. Sounds awesome! Do you think it's possible to extend this mechanics to shots in the future? So that the bloodstains remain on the walls for at least a few seconds?
  11. "Others" from the TV series "LOST" and a tree - like a tree of perks? Will other perk trees be removed? Perks will no longer depend on attributes, but will be available in any combinations? Or will you introduce specializations like "firearms specialist", "melee specialist", "professional miner", "Olympic athlete", "godlike farmer" and so on? Damn it, it's interesting... INTRIGUE!
  12. This may be nonsense, but I'll try. Everyone has already realized that we are talking about the "sexy Tyrannosaurus" perk. And it has something to do with the album "From the Cutting Room Floor". And with a user interface. I very much doubt that the developers decided to "cut" this perk, I think they decided to "cut" it from the general stamina scale. Maybe there will be two scales now? One is responsible for endurance when running, the other is endurance when using tools, melee weapon, aiming?
  13. can I clarify? Is it the generation of worlds that goes faster, or is the game itself inside and outside the cities? (or both?) In any case - great bonus info
  14. Dear devs, it seems to me that it would be interesting to create locations where only when taking a quest a specific type of zombie can spawn. And without quests, they would not exist or the type of zombie was chosen randomly. Is it possible to hope for such a feature in A21 or future versions?
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