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  1. Hello @faatal! Thanks for the great stream! But I need to ask - where is the water? I mean, Lathan was traveling on the Navezgane map, and on it there is a river between the forest and snow biome. Even the bridge is visible. Will there be water in the A20? 😄 (sorry if I missed the answer on the stream or forum)
  2. Hello @faatal ! I would like to ask a few questions: 1. what are you currently working on? What was the most interesting thing this week? 2. do you already know what your developer stream will be about? Can you briefly outline a set of topics? 3. many people ask if the "stone age" will be regulated in the settings? Will there be a switch for the "stone age", as for the "feral sense", so that you can turn it off? Although I like this mechanic, but many people want to speed it up/slow it down/disable it. And Mr. Madmole previously said that such a switch may appear in the menu.
  3. believe me, in most games you can find similar loopholes. But first, think about whether you will be ready to spend a few game days or a few hours of real life just to lay the terrain in blocks? It is unlikely that beginners will do this. But players who have "already seen everything" are capable of this. There are still about 10 "legal" ways to avoid BM, but in this particular case, if a player puts a huge piece of terrain in blocks JUST TO AVOID bloodmoon, then the problem is not in the game, the problem is in the player, I think
  4. Wait a minute... Does LightLOD mean that we will now see light sources at a distance (even if they are simplified)?
  5. the upper limit is clear. But why can't the lower limit be changed? I make different videos, and sometimes I need aimed shot (for example, in dialogs), but I can't do it in a way that would be correct. Can you contribute to changing the lower FOV limit? Because my past requests really went unanswered
  6. Is there some new zombie hiding there? Soldier zombie? ðŸĪŠ
  7. Hello there, @faatal ! Once on Twitter, we were shown a new technology for destroying doors. Can you tell us something about this? Should we wait for this mechanic in the A20? Will it affect the FPS? And thank you for your great work! 🙂
  8. Hello, @faatal, I wonder if you know something about the update/complication of biomes? For example, the wasteland will be filled with radiation, apparently, but what about the snow biome and the desert - will there be snowstorms and sandstorms, through which nothing can be seen?
  9. Yeah! Instead of saying that TFP makes a great game and became pioneers in some sense, let's praise the demo version of something, which shows 5% of 7 Days to die and which could not have appeared 8 years ago when TFP embarked on this difficult path. Great job, my friend. Great job! 😉
  10. Could you see your buildings from afar? Does this feature already work in A20 ?
  11. Hi @faatal ! Is there anything known about how often different types of zombies will appear in the world? For example, I am glad that the zombie lumberjack will appear not only in the snow biome. What about, for example, a football player and a cheerleader? Earlier, @madmole said that they will be removed from the game, because their appearance is only possible at school or at the stadium. But maybe devs will change the models and make them more possible? BigMama appears only inside buildings, the farmer can rarely be found in the world etc... so many players think that there are too few zombies in the game, although there are about 25 types. This is a lot! So you could just equalize the chances of appearing in the world. Can we hope for that? 🙂
  12. Hi, guys! Enjoy your viewing! The video is in Russian, but you can enable auto-translation to English. 7 Days to die - The story of the creation and the story of the surviving - The beginning
  13. I understand that torches, burning barrels, body bags with flies, forges, etc. are blocks with particles 🙂 I mean, will there be more of them? And will it be possible to put, for example, flies separately from bags?
  14. Dear developers, perhaps @faatal or @madmole, will there be blocks with particles in the game? Or just additional visual effects, for example, sparks from faulty electric lamps, steam from an air duct, smoke, drops from a pipe in some basement? In addition, to enhance the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse, I think it would be interesting to see some blocks with animation - wobbling lamps, curtains that move in the wind, slowly rotating fans, and so on. The animation on the trees looks great, I would like to see something similar in the houses. Are there any plans?
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