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RWG - Multiple Districts in Township's outskirt_district Property


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Currently, you can have one District identified in a Settlement's "outskirt_district" property:


<property name="outskirt_district" value="rural"/>


And, presently, townships of type "city" all come with rural Tiles that wrap around the outside. This can be pretty repetitive.


I've considered making a "bigcity" township with the outskirts being residential.


Then it occurred to me it would be cool if you could list more than one District in the "outskirt_district" property. (This is the suggestion. Allow this...)


<property name="outskirt_district" value="rural,residential"/>


Then, when RWG is generating the outskirts of a settlement, for each Tile to be placed it would first randomize a selection from the outskirts_district List, then determine which Tile from that Distict to use. In this way, the outter ring of Tiles for a city could be a mixture of both Rural and Residential Tiles.


BTW, I tried listing two. It results in a KeyNotFoundException, which makes sense. It is probably looking for a district named "rural,residential".


Another thing I tried was a District with this:


<property name="poi_required_tags_all" value="rural,residential"/>


The idea being that maybe the District would accept POIs of either tag. That attempt resulted in a NullReferenceException.


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21 hours ago, Kinyajuu said:

Never thought of this use case. Consider it done for A21.


if(outskirtDistrict.Contains(",")) {
	string[] districts = outskirtDistrict.Split(',');
	outskirtDistrict = districts[Rand.Instance.Range(0,districts.Length)];



So would it select one District from the list to be the outskirt for the entire city or is this code run on a Tile by Tile basis?

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