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I Accidentally Found A Faster Way To Harvest Animals


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58 minutes ago, warmer said:

not sure how you arrived at faster, because with the menu change/pause you are  attacking faster, but doing less damage with a 1-ish second period of nothing while in the menu


Have you timed it out?


Your reply has made me regret not putting a time comparison in the video haha. But I just recorded a time comparison, and using the same knife against the same animal, and with going into the menu to repair, I came up around 11 seconds of harvest time. Without doing this method it was around 14 seconds. So it is a little bit faster, probably not enough to matter though I suppose.

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21 hours ago, bdubyah said:

I usually use Woodle's method of looking away from the corpse, starting a power attack, and then hitting the corpse. Gives you the normal, faster attack animation while still harvesting.

I always use this method as well. I just discovered this new way and figured I'd share it. Ultimately, I think it all has the same outcome, faster harvesting!

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