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  1. Link to the youtube playlist: 2 Bros 1 Base Playlist Sorry about the vertical style of the trailer. I did it as a youtube short in hopes to reach a larger audience. The actual series is the normal 16x9
  2. I came over from console last year, and I can definitely feel the difference in terms of dungeon crawler/survival+scavenging. I love how POI's are more engaging and scripted, but the fact that your gamestage determines what you'll find is kind of a turn off. On console, I would find a shotgun messiah and be excited. Now I learn that I should avoid looting it early because all I'll find is a level 1 pistol at best. So it makes it feel more like I should quest and rank up before I infiltrate notable POI's, when in the past, I felt it was worth it to go in because the loot was actually useful for survival. But I'm in between, because I'm still relatively new to the PC version so it's kind of a welcome change. I'll check back when the high wears off.
  3. Tired of the same old same old? Want a funny but action packed series whose videos are generally between 10-20 minutes? Look no further than 2 Bros 1 Base! We cut out all the boring mining and crafting gameplay (No offense to those who like/make that) and cut straight to the action! Youtube is full of let's plays and base building videos, so we wanted to take a different approach. Make a shorter video series showing the highlights of our adventures with some comedy sprinkled in. Each episode is getting better in terms of trimming gameplay and editing. But its all in good fun, let me know what you think!
  4. My friend and I have been playing the game a lot more on PC, and decided to record our gameplay. Yeah yeah, I know the Youtube landscape is saturated with lets plays of people walking, harvesting and doing all of the other boring stuff that we've all spent 100's, if not 1000's of hours doing. We decided to take a different approach, and trim the fat so to speak. Our series focuses more on the chill dynamic between 2 lifelong friends, making jokes, having fun and surviving crazy encounters. There's no footage of us mining, or walking or any other boring gameplay (unless there's some funny jokes during). Its all action and comedy, and our videos are generally between 10-20 minutes (Seeing as most 7DTD creators focus on longer videos). Also to note, we are getting better with editing and trimming with each and every episode. It's all in good fun, but we would like to see what more people think!
  5. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I Hey yall. Just wanted to share a project I've been working on. Me and my long time friend recently got PCs and have been playing together. I decided to record our gameplay for fun and realized what stupid and funny commentary we had together. So here is my little project to sharpen my editing skills. Its all for fun so I don't take it super seriously, but I'd still like to hear what people think. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I
  6. Thank you. And oh yes, many attacks in the beginning at least. I started the fort with the outer perimeter 3 cobblestone blocks high by the end of the first week. I died a dozen times building it then, but once the walls were built I never died again. But until I converted to concrete and made the pits, they would break in almost every horde night (or roaming hordes). Usually the ferals would make it in. After the pits were built though I never had a problem. I only ever had one person attempt to attack, but my friend ran him over with a mini bike when he was hiding outside the walls haha. I encouraged PvP too, but nobody would stick around long enough to be a threat.
  7. I recently switched to PC, but I had a lot of work on one of my console saves. This is a massive fortress I was building on xbox. It is on an Open Server multiplayer survival map, on survivalist difficulty. Even with it not being on PC or having mods, I was proud of this base and thought I should share. https://youtu.be/fM4MmFMs5ew
  8. Of course! Unfortunately I've been very busy the last few months so if I play games I just play something with friends on xbox. I wish more friends could play with me on PC though. I am making it a point to play the game during the holidays for sure though. Hey now, that spear is awesome and new to me haha. But thank you. I absolutely love the jump scares and fails too. Probably my favorite change from console would be the POI's. It is so fun exploring even just a basic house. Falling through floorboards, zombies breaking through closets and triggering a bunch to randomly spawn and start closing in on you trapping you in hallways. Brings a whole new sense of urgency to the game. I no longer feel like a god, like I do on console lol. Also the amount of new things you can craft is overwhelmingly awesome.
  9. I believe its was A16. The most recent features console has would be The Draw Bridge and electrical/mechanical parts (and other components). I was playing on console since it was ported over, so those small changes were awesome to me. Imagine my surprise when I downloaded the PC version. I think the last update console had was in 2017. I hope they find someone to port it to the new consoles though. Ill keep playing PC, but I have so many friends who I play with on xbox. I get so mad when I join them and forget that there are so many things missing that I'm used to.
  10. Hey now, I still use the game pad haha. But I'm trying to get used to mouse and keyboard. And yeah, they stopped support for consoles during A16 I believe. It's still fun for what it is, but it feels like a PS2 game compared to the PC version.
  11. I've been a console player for too long. But damn, the PC version brought a tear to my eye. I am in love with it. Check out my 1st week! And I'll be making more 7 days content soon.
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