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Is there a hard limit to how little gas capacity you can give a vehicle, or am I doing something wrong?

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Was doing some testing for my own personal game as I desired for very vehicle to only need one or two cans of gas (maximum like eight or ten for the 4x4) for realism purposes, while also minimizing the amount of gas one can get in general from loot, and found that no matter how low I set the capacity of—specifically, haven't yet tested it on the other vehicles—the minibike, it won't take any less than 25 "gas cans" (like, the item).


Vanilla capacity is 40, to which I lowered to 4—that brought the amount of gas needed to 100, then from capacity 4 to capacity 1 which brought it down to 25. Anything lower (.4, .1, .01 were the three I tried) has no effect. Changing the 'fuelKMPerL" also didn't change this, no matter how high it was set. Thought it could be the culprit but it still runs the same no matter the size of the tank.


Is there a hard limit not in the XML that it has to stay at 25 to completely refuel x vehicle? And if it is, but can be changed in the assemblyc-sharp.dll, which part of the .dll would I have to change in order to lower the amount further? It's for my personal game only, and I'm not too well versed in c-sharp stuff to go poking without knowing exactly where I'm going (even though I have made backups of the vanilla .dll already). I know about as much to change my backpack size thanks to an old tutorial, but that's about it.

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Good question: I've always thought that it seemed a bit unrealistic that the game has almost-unlimited fuel available, and that each vehicle has enormous capacities - and mileage. The gas container appears to be a 5-gallon size, (and more than enough for Bdubyah's great Dirt Bike or the MiniBike) and your post inspired me to see what I can find. I'm certainly not an expert at any programming, but know enough xml to get in and out of trouble without needing to bug the experts! I've changed a few numbers too, and have played an hour or so, but am just scratching the surface at the moment.  Don't give up - post again with your findings: I reckon this might be a good mod, and will bring in a little more realism to the game.



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The issue is, I think, that we expect a 5-gallon/19L container to actually be that size, but they're not: each one appears to be 1 Litre. The Km/L is merely the rate that the gas is used, but it doesn't seem to be in agreement with any real-world specs: e.g. The Honda CRF250 is quoted at 33.3Km/L - yet each one of the vehicles in the game is some decimal figure less than 1.0  . .  Add that to a Gas "%" left UI readout and it clouds up even more.  After spending half the day on this I gave up! Of course - someone like Bdubyah, Dough, Guppy, Stallion, et al could probably fix it in five minutes. . . .   😎


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The scale is a bit wacky when you look at recipes.


To make one Molotov cocktail, it takes 300 units of ammoGas along with one empty jar.  If you were to be generous and assume that the jar is 20 ounces (the icon shows a beer bottle but again I am being generous here), that means one unit of ammoGas is 0.07 ounces per Gas container.  The 4x4 takes 10,000 units of AmmoGas to refill a dry tank, so based on this calculation you get 666.7 ounces of gas for one tank which is only 5.2 gallons of gas.


If we go the other way, 10,000 units to fill a 20 gallon tank (I used the range of the Jeep Liberty for comparison), that would be about 0.002 gallons per unit of ammoGas.  This means you are using 0.6 gallons.  At that point, one would have to assume that the survivor spilled a lot of the gas when they were trying to add the gas to the bottle when mixing the cocktail.


Interesting, the auger and chainsaw need 300 units to fill up, so that means you are putting about 0.6 gallons in those tanks.  Typically one tank would hold around 0.15 gallons.  So for gaming purposes, they are allowing you to fill up 4x the normal amount (based on these numbers).


There was logic applied when they made the ammoGas scale....though I am hard pressed to figure it out.  🤔😂

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Damn, these replies are super thought out and way smarter than mine—I was out here googling gas cans to find similar sizes just last night, and it definitely seems like it's a 1 liter jerry can, paulj_3 (so like, 5 gallons I think?). It's interesting that even the game's own logic almost contradicts itself, too, BFT2020, and that makes it that much harder to change haha.


I do still wish that I could get it to a 1:1 real world ratio, if I were to make said modlet even for personal use, I'd change literally everything that needs gas to match and heavily nerf the amount of gas you find in the world (like, to an insane degree where gas is actually worth something yknow?). But for now I've just been using vanilla. Maybe in the future TFP will change it themselves.


For now, I will do as bdubyah said and pretend like the gas can's aren't always all the way filled. I did change the chance of getting gas to make it more difficult to fill tanks, though. It feels more akin to The Long Drive now when playing. 😂




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