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I have a problem to update and to start new server. where I can ask question .and how?

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The correct section would be "General Support", I moved your thread to that section.


Nobody has time to watch a 20 minute video to understand your problem. We need your logfile and a description of your problem.


Read this thread, it tells you how to find the logfile, post it on pastebin.com and link to it in your post: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/3956-how-to-report-an-issue-please-read-before-creating-new-threads/


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6 hours ago, khongkwan 7nip to die said:

I have problem like this clip I like to know how I can ask .where also for more question about error in the future.

There's no error. Your server starts correctly and is waiting for a connection.

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