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A20.5 PC hosting lag high-end pc


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Hi All,



CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x @4.20GHz

GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Super 8 GB

RAM: 64GB @3200Mhz 

Storage: 1TB Blue WD SSD @450 rw/s speed

Power Supply: Thermaltake 1200w Platinum Plus rating (because I intended to buy a RTX 3090 when they released)

OS: Windows 10 Home


Playing on 8k random generated map.


I am the host of a 6 person friend group that play fairly often and while they seem to have great performance throughout the game I am getting 15-20 fps through most of it. But with my resource monitors on I am noticing my GPU, CPU, and RAM never go beyond 30% utilization. I have seen multiple threads of people being told it is a bottleneck issue at some part in their computer, but I specifically built this pc to handle servers of games like this or ARK. I turned "power management" in nvidia control panel to "maximum performance" for 7 DTD, but still never breach the 30% usage, while at least getting boosted to 30-40fps. My PC also stays cool enough to the point where my GPU fans don't even bother spinning, hardly ever going over 60 degrees Celsius. I'll get a lag spike and look over to my GPU and see the fans aren't spinning and my GPU utilization is under 20% sometimes during spikes. My home is typically kept at a 65 degrees Fahrenheit and my pc has 9 fans (4 intake, 5 exhaust) and AIO 360mm radiator liquid cooling which are 3 of the intake fans.


Is there anything else I could check? I've tested my GPU across other games and it will run as hard as it needs to to get to 60fps with much more demanding games, and even at 4k. Benchmarked it across many games and at userbenchmark.com and got over 100% in everything but desktop (98%). I've hosted valheim for the same 6 players at 60fps 4k with absolutely no problems. 


An additional question I have is, would running a dedicated server off my pc be a viable solution? I've seen the game run 60fps+ no problem when I'm not the host, but for some reason as soon as I'm the host I am hitting walls. I will still technically be the host but maybe the server will start to actually use my CPU and RAM properly instead of capping itself while hosting regularly in game?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Last I checked (and it has been a while, so I could be wrong), game only benefits from 4 cores, but it spreads across all cores for heat and stability. So you'll never see it go beyond what you're already seeing anyway even if you got a dozen more players show up in-game.


I think you'd get far better results if you make or use a dedicated hosting rig and play the game on a separate PC. You playing the game while also hosting 5 other players is a lot to ask for a single PC. Spreading the load by playing on a separate PC will not only give you far better fps, but the hosting server will also run more smoothly too. First gen Ryzen with 16GB of ram (with crappy GPU) and basic SSD is likely more than plenty for a dedicated host of 6 players.


I don't know if running a dedicated server on the same PC you're playing on is a viable / worth doing option. But it doesn't hurt to try it out, so I say go for it if you can't separate the two. Just get the server going first before loading the game so Steam doesn't flip out at you. I do hope you have a decent aftermarket cooler on the CPU though cuz that option sounds toasty warm. If it doesn't work (or doesn't work reliably), you could also try creating a virtual OS and see if that helps since it would dedicate cores to the virtual OS.


Also, you can't compare this game with others. This game is like a unicorn among sheep. There's far more calculations and things to render compared to nearly every other game out there. Fully destructible voxel worlds like these with structural integrity calculations are a pig on resources. Imagine a million images being rendered 60 times per second (each block / entity is it's own image) and all images have their own structural integrity calculation based on adjacent images. Compare that to the other games that have a single image for the entire ground (sometimes including the mountains), a single image for each building, etc, and only a few of them calculate if / when they might collapse / change shape.

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8 hours ago, asiandood said:

An additional question I have is, would running a dedicated server off my pc be a viable solution?

I think you could if you used affinity to assign cores. Assign 4 to the game and 4 to the server, leaving 4 for background tasks.


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40 minutes ago, Beelzybub said:

I think you could if you used affinity to assign cores. Assign 4 to the game and 4 to the server, leaving 4 for background tasks.


Stupid me, I keep forgetting that option exists.

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