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How do I get OBS to show this game's gameplay?


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Title. So, I figured out that in order to record 7 Days to Die with OBS, I have to turn EAC off. So, while recording, I thought that everything was showing, because the main menu was showing. However, that's the only thing that shows. Weirdly enough, I can see the mouse moving around on the screen whenever I move it, but whether I'm actually in a server or not, OBS just shows the menu. Does anyone know how to fix that?

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I use window capture and it’s the only thing I can get to work. 

AlSo: you may want to adjust the OBS “steaming rate” as the default is quite high. there’s a chart somewhere on the net that has the OBS streaming data rate and “at what resolution/fidelity/bandwidth you want it to look like”.  Check your steaming platform (like Twitch, etc) and see if you are being bandwidth limited In what you can steam to/through them at (if you’re new or are not lying you likely are).  You want to match (or go lower) the OBS stream rate to what the platform you’re streaming to will allow and what your internet connection will allow, and not higher. 

why do I bring this up? The lower your OBS stream rate, the less CPU (and network bandwidth) it eats up, and since 7D2D is cpu heavy, you might get more FPS out of the game the lower your OBS stream rate is set to.  I think it defaults to like “the max” it will do, which is like 4K streaming or something really high.

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