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Armor Skills Worth Getting?


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Does anyone get the Light or Heavy Armor skills these days?  I used to but I believe they used to increase armor as well as movement and stamina but that aspect seems to have been removed sometime.  I'm not sure if just increasing movement and stamina, well not increasing but reducing the penalty the armor you are wearing gives you, is worth the points.  It also increases the durability of armor but that isn't very important to me as I can easy repair all my stuff.  What do you fine folks think about the skills?  Worth getting or should be ignored?

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I tend to get them somewhere between my main weapon skills and treasure hunter... The bonuses are stacking in curious ways depending on the patch, would need to check what they actually do now (for instance how they stack with the Urban Combat book that removes the penalties in combat.)


The durability is not that big of a deal, but the damage reduction starts to suffer at about half durability, so if you're planning to take plenty of hits on a horde night, it may be pretty significant.

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5 hours ago, canadianbluebeer said:

For heavy armor it is worth it. Not the durability, but the speed/stamina reduction.


(and of course, it lets you craft better armor, and it'll be a loooong time before you find Q6 steel armor to replace your Q5)


I think my problem is that I'm looking at it from my current game state and that's why I'm having a problem seeing how it is worth it.  I'm currently on day 40 and have had a mixture of Q5/6 Steel armor for 15+ days now so there really hasn't been a reason to have to craft any.  I don't really notice a speed reduction, though it is most likely due to being used to the speed reduction now.  The stamina reduction isn't really noticeable due to using clubs and having all the Baseball books so every power attack kill fully restores my stamina.  So I can't remember the last time I was out of stamina lol.  Early game I can see it as being worth it but late game I think it really falls by the wayside.  The bonuses don't feel worth the points.  

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