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Server issues


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I play on a server that is having issues with zombies not moving and/or falling through the world, sometimes not spawning in POIs at all. Server FPS has dropped down into the single digits with 10-15 players on, average players on at one given time is around 15-20.  Base zombie spawning, 60 zeds, 40 animals and 8 per player on BM. 8k map size.


We had mods and custom mods running but as part of troubleshooting to find the issue we have removed them to have the same issue in vanilla with a fresh map. 


Server Specs:
HP Workstation Z440

CPU - 8x Intel Xeon CPU e5-1620 V3 @3.5Ghz single socket


300GB m.2 samsung 970 evo drives in raid

Running ProxMox as (VM Manager) for Main system

VM running windows 10 with all resources dedicated to it

No other programs / VMS running on the server only running 7dtd


Any information would be greatly appreciated, if more information is needed I can get that asap.


Thank you,


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1 hour ago, Beelzybub said:

That part about providing a log file seems to get overlooked a lot.

I mean I am not the owner of the server, I am just trying to help. Want a log file I can ask for one, but him and his team have gone through it and found no issues. 


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Ok first issue...

CPU: Common KVM processor

This may not meet required spec.  Hard to say with such limited information. Virtualization should give more information than that. Some of those mods will require more from the core system, and it's extremely questionable as to what the core system actually is.

It might be more helpful if the owner was the one providing information as well.


Second Issue
One of the mods has an error.

2021-12-29T18:32:22 29.196 WRN XML patch for "items.xml" from mod "RobelotoStackMoreItems_extra" did not apply: <set xpath="/items/item[@name='ammoCrossbowBoltFlaming']/property[@name='Stacknumber']/@value"  (line 12 at pos 3)

Third Issue
Max allowed players is five times that which is supported, and double the max tested stable on recommended hardware. We're not sure if it even meets minimum hardware currently. 


Fourth Issue
This is why you're seeing the problems you are seeing, and is likely a direct result of #1 and #3.
Server FPS is in the single digits most of the time. It should be above 25FPS at a minimum, and ideal numbers for a20 is 40-50 FPS.

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