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Supply Drop Light


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Hey Everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the holidays.

I really like playing the game with 'mark supply drop location' turned off, since I find marking my map and possibly stumbling upon them randomly a lot of fun. Gives a real sense of excitement when you find a supply drop no where near where you thought it was, and glad too, because you really needed it's contents. 

With Alpha 20, the supply drop doesn't emit light for very long after dropping. It lights up a bit due to a loading issue when you approach it, but it goes out really quick. It makes spotting the supply drop without the setting turned on very difficult. Maybe I just need more time to get used to the new look, but I'd really prefer if the orange light stays lit, when on the ground. So you can easily spot them when you walk passed them. 

Does anyone else play with this setting turned off, for extra emersion and fun? 
Anyone miss the old bright supply drops from alpha 19? 

I got to say the contents are a lot more interesting in alpha 20, so that's a big plus. 

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15 minutes ago, outhous said:

I believe that the light stays on until you get near it, and will relight itself if you leave the immediate area. This is based off my observations, although I have not tested it directly, so I could just be spewing BS. 

The light does turn on for about 5 seconds when it loads in as you approach it. Which is what I was referring as the 'loading issue'. My apologies for not being more specific, you're not spewing any BS. 😜 It's meant to turn off now it seems, but when it first loads in, it lights up for a few seconds. But maybe I just need more time to get used to the new system. 😶

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I tested it for fun. I spawned in a crate on top of some frames so I could clearly see the strobe on the bottom. Waited for the light & smoke to stop, then moved out of rendering distance and returned. The light never turned back on once it stopped, but I did get a few seconds of smoke every time the box came into view. I can understand the smoke stopping, but it would be nice if the strobe were persistent. Maybe all that's left post-apocalypse is generic brand AAA batteries?

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