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Mod for increasing zombie spawns


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Alpha 20 has been neat and all that, but as always in my gameplay taste the game is lacking zombies and thus turns it into a extremely dull hiking simulator. I've suffered from this problem since about Alpha 16 where I returned to play the game more seriously. There's just no real threat which poses to the player, considering I encounter 1-4 zombies at max, rarely at some unique events a bigger wave. POI's do not nail it unless it is an high tier rooftop area of some skyscraper at a great player level. Towns and cities to me are empty most of the time.

My combat track plays very, very rarely as I steamroll through everything on my path no matter what the game throws at me. I spend the entire playthrough looting, walking and building rather than engaging in fights with enemies. It has come to the point I just scrap unread skill books due to it feeling like cheating as it would make me even more OP than before. Hordes take ages to appear, that I forgot about them.


The very early alphas did in my opinion a nice job of making every zombie run towards you by 22:00, made it a tad more challenging and creepy to go out at night and them being able to suddendly start running when in dark areas. Though setting bloodmoon to every day kind of kills that special day feeling where you have to be ultimatively prepared and I can imagine it becoming dull at some point when all you see is a glowing red sky by every nightfall instead of stars accompanied with chirping sounds from the forest.


I ran through the wasteland with a stone sledge and it was as empty as the green forests areas, sledging anything that movies, a dog or vulture here and there and that would be it.


Is there a mod for atleast dramatically increasing zombie spawns and the amount in POIs? Increase horde spawns, more natural spawns especially in wasteland regions.

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