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Hard coded triggers and stealth


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First off, I am thoroughly enjoying A20 so far. It is a real challenging and exciting release, and not since A16 release have I been this engulfed in a new launch.  Really awesome job on this one. The game feels really good. Bows are useful again, and usable option for Quests for the most part.  The new loot system feel really good. You feel like you making progress in the game, and risking the tougher areas also feels worth it now.



I do have one big concern, and some minor stuff I noticed though. Also main reason for this post, but I did not want to start the post on a negative note, as the issue is not big YET .


The problem is specifically for Stealth builds. There are a lot more POIs that use hard coded triggers in the POI. Which is fun, but completely make stealth absolute. I fear if more of this happen, the usefulness of stealth builds are going to flatline. Light armour and pistol is not meant to be swarmed by enemies. 

I propose a new ability for From the Shadows, on 5th level, that will make trigger area visible. 


1. You will still have to navigate around it and deal with the zombies

2. It requires lvl 10 agility and lvl 5 From the Shadows. So only really viable for pure stealth builds. 



Other issues :


Turrets will appear to drop from where they are placed, to ground level. They still operate where placed, but to interact with them, you have to go down to their entangled part on ground level. 


With Dynamic meshes turned on, FPS dies when looking in certain directions. I suspect it's towards big city centers etc. , but maybe there is a way to limit that to line of sight ?  If I am inside a building, I don't need it to generate all those things outside the building., or in the street, it need only generate what I can see. 


Some T2 Quest rally markers are missing. 



This is not meant to be a bug report, but just a feedback post. If you require me to make bug reports with detailed information on any of these issues, I will gladly do so.

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