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How long does it take to crash after starting a game?

How long have you been playing the savegame (i.e. what day is it in the game) ?

Does it always happen when you are at a specific place?

Does it happen when you do something specific?

Is your xbox standing with enough free air around it? Are the vents blocked by anything?


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I'm on day 42. It usually happens after an hour to hour and half of playing. None of the other games I play do it. Lately it seems when I go into a chest then back out and go into my back pack but when I was riding after getting an air drop it did it too. Yes it gets plenty of air.

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I've read several reports from people saying that it is safest to limit playtime to an hour before giving it a rest. One of those times that the game crashes it will be while the game is writing to your save file and then your saved game will be corrupted. Since the game saves itself every several seconds or so the odds of avoiding a corrupted save are not good if you keep playing long sessions that result in a crash. 

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