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11HP fighting a Zombie Bear from atop on a rickety wasteland fragment...


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I accidently fall down. Cornered I have one option and I use a strong attack with a level 3 stone sledge. The Bear slumps to the floor. I immediately grab my bone knife and get ready to carve up my kill...

only to realize I just knocked that MF out, and he kills me with a single swipe before I can get away!

Lesson learned. Always look for an xp drop before carving up your enemy

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bears are as bad as the opossums. :)


i was out busting resource boulders one day and in the fog... but to my surprise when i came up to the boulder and cracked it good... it cracked back... damn fog :( yep you guessed it... it was a big furry rock (rock headed  bear that is)


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