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RTX 3080 FE Issue


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3 hours ago, Vampirenostra said:

any tips to try affinity with Macs?)))

Unfortunetly I haven't used a mac since like 2001, so I have no idea how you would do it on a mac. Looking at Google seems to suggest it is possible, but might require some c++ or python. However for all I know it could be done as easily as Windows, I just don't have any experience in mac os. 

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In Linux you can do it from the shell. I assume since OSX is just BSD (with the security ripped out) which is fairly close to Linux you can do it there.

taskset -c 0-3 /whatever/7daystodie.dmg

Something along those lines. If you want to  set it AFTER 7 Days is running, use the PID.

taskset -cp 0-3 12345

Where 12345 is the PID for the executable.

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