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  1. Yeah so im just mainly looking for the highest fps in 1440p ultra settings. The thing that just mainly sparked this whole thing is that my buddy with a 2070 super, was getting higher frames than me in 1440p ultra. That aggravated me because a 3080 is more powerful than a 2070 super of course. But if it is like you said and upgrading the cpu could get more performance. Then i might just do it. He has an intel based system and im not entirely sure of his cpu but i know it has 10 cores. Another buddy of mine has been offering a ryzen 9 5900x he has at a discounted price. Would it be worth my time to take it and get a little more performance on 7 days and future proof my system for a good bit? Also thank you for everyone responding and actually being helpful. This is the first forum i ever posted on and it is suprising to me to see how nice it is and how much players just know.
  2. Okay, so i assigned certain cores to the game and it helped but still only getting like a solid 55-60% gpu usage. Weird thing is that when i pause the game, the usage shoots up to 90-98%. Any other ideas?
  3. Thank you for the input!! My CPU hovers around 30-40% usage when im in 7 days to die. Right now i am at work and i will be sure to try what you had just posted. Ill let you know if it works!
  4. Okay so im not sure if this the right place to post this but oh well. So ever since i started using my 3080 on this game, my gpu usage never surpasses 50-60%. Of course resulting in lower performance. Ive done countless things to try to fix this. Making my PCs power “high performance” both in windows settings and nvidia control panel. I went through many settings changes with nvidia support and they were not very helpful. Ive reinstalled windows, updated my bios, reseated the gpu and nothing has worked. Even at the lowest possible settings in game, on 1080p i get about 100fps. I normally play 1440p. Not sure if this game is just not optimized for the FE because other people seem to be getting great FPS on this game with other 3080s. i get great performance of any other game. Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance. My Specs - MSI MPG X570 Gaming edge Wifi - Ryzen 7 3700x @ 3.6ghz - RTX 3080 FE - 16gb Corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200mhz - Game is on a 2tb SSD Id also like to say that i do not believe this is a CPU bottleneck. I see other benchmarks online with the same CPU that do just fine. And is it also possible that my system being AMD is the problem??
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