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Is 19 as readily modifiable as 16?


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 After playing 16.3 for years. I'm not sure I want to 'upgrade' to 19 because I don't know if it has the same ability to modify that 16 does. My 16 is heavily modified and I have enemy spawning shut off. My interest is in the exploration and crafting, not fighting zombies. What modifications does 19 allow?
Can I still shut off enemy spawning? Can I alter recipes? Can I change the quantity of 'meat' I get from an animal I kill? I'm a 'purist'. Getting 3 slices of meat off a deer is ridiculous.
Does it still have 'random gen' worlds? If so, are those worlds still going to have the crazy disconnects and abrupt termination of roads that are so frustrating in 16? 
16's seeds often do not spawn the same map, when the game is deleted due to a corruption in the file. Does 19 always spawn the same map and biomes from the same seed?

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On 7/9/2021 at 4:43 PM, BFT2020 said:

Should it be called Modifications or maybe... Game Modification?  🙂

That might be a fun topic to follow.  Being very OLD, I'd probably have difficulty even finding it, tho.

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