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This was unexpected....

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ppls asked  "how were you so calm?" 


Been through a major quake (northridge) and of course, army training. 


In the immortal words of the bunny  "I'll be scared later, right now I'm too mad"   :D


The front of the house has an enclosed porch. (that's what was hit)  Cinderblocks up to the window line.


My mother had her computer/office on that porch. She was in there when it happened.


Office has been moved. (and what a chore what was moving the cabling for the phone/computer)


Mother is NOT amused.


Was not a minor crunch.  (still trying to figure out how the screen shook when it hit. OBS captures the game, yet IT shook. odd)


Of course, next day, stream said I hadda shewt stuff. I did.


Viewer used MM to get me kilt 5 times.  heh.


That WAS fun.  :D


(now, where can I find some AT obstacles and some mines.... hrmmm)    😛


(I know, I wish)




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