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Sounds like a known issue with electric fence posts (in rare cases - very rare cases - generators) where it's not hooking up properly in code (long story short). Usually they will have issues like wires drooping like the posts are broken, hooked up to the bottom etc.


Unhooking, picking up the posts, then placing them back down and re-wiring usually fixes this. Each error will mean one hookup. Worst case and easiest fix is to delete the power.dat and power.bak from the saved game folder. Note this will delete any batteries, gas, ammo, solar panels, etc. stored in any generators/traps/etc., so remove those first. It will also remove all the wiring so you'll have to re-do all of that. But, it's worked a couple of times doing that myself in testing, ofc your milage may vary.


Hope this helps. But yes, anything further we would need a log, info found in the link BFT2020 posted.

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Glad it worked. I haven't worked out a complete comfirmation on a 100% cause ( though it is being worked on), but it seems to happen more often when fence post wires cross other sets of wires or going through tripwires and other odd-elevated setups.


I suggest remembering how the bad ones were setup and maybe change it somehow, though again this isn't a 100% prevention. 

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