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7DTD and next TFP game


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Well now we will get Alpha 20 soon- and i started thinking how would their next game - ww2 rts ? something like horizon zero dawn but in 7dtd world?

And i get bleesed : and my idea is -- maybe they will give us a hints like : pit with skeletons - 7dtd prequel we are indian who is fighting against cowboy and zombies in nevgane. 

Model shop with big map with small bulding - rts with plastic soldiers  ww2  setting . Etc 

So what do  you for sequel or another game?


I will started - sequel 


More focused on big cites , better graphic , lore , a lot of zombie variants, 50 types of guns and 25 types of meele weapons , boats with big lakes , miliatary enemy , bandits , darked setting like days gone and dying light.


new game  not conneted with 7dtd universe- our characters fall into portal and landed on some type of pocket dimension - there is a safe zone similiar with  setting to horizon zero dawn- beatifull forest with ruins. Outside zone looks like ds mixed with terminator - zombie skeletons mechs etc We are running and figting like in horzion zero dawn  but crafting and builiding works like 7dtd. We get few classes like  as our past - wild child ( sneaky connected with nature) , geek ( better crafting) , urchin (better in melee combat). Simple story with tutorial like horzion zero dawn - our character after ended high school into this world in tutorial we learn how to shoot make a meals ( works like  valheim) , create bed and campfire and go to sleep. Few years later out character ( clothes and stuff depends on our past) , finding a crystal with note and is killed by something . then wake up with crystal in his/her head - now can't age (forever 21 XD ) and after dead he or she is going reborn. We learn about  tower with portal to our homeworld but we need to kill some bosses (like terraria but in 3d) . And we can get ending like - we back to home but with monsters and reborn again in this pockets dimenshion or destroy portal . 

@Roland @Adam the Waster @SnowDog1942 @ShellHead guys what do you thing about this ? Write your own ideas! Inspire a The Fun Pimps stuff . Give them a answers that we want more games created by them! Maybe your idea will be base for their another game! 


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