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Electric Wire


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Is there a way to NOT see the electric wires all over the place?

i tried placing the generator below ground, on the roof, pass the wires from one relay to another but no matter what when you connects

to any item you see the entire wire hanging or passing through.


why not put an option to hide or see the wire in the option?

or when you pull out the wire tool then it reveals them..


i dont see all the electric cables in my house LOL



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This came up quite a bit when the feature was first implemented with some preferring the clean look and others the apocalyptic look. TFP wanted the apocalyptic look. You can hide most of the wires by carefully building so that the bulk of the wires are within the walls but it is tough. Bottom line is that the devs have no interest right now in hiding the wires and while that annoys some of the players it pleases others and the rest don't really care.


Your house is pre-apocalypse standard of living.

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