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Next ps4 update


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3 hours ago, unholyjoe said:


QA Tester-unholyjoe


Full console ports cost into the millions of dollars, not to mention the restrictions the platform holders have on not breaking saved games which would be inevitable given our current framework and the technical challenges associated with porting a resource intensive game like 7 Days to consoles. With Sony and Microsoft, no matter how small, any update has to go through a rigorous testing/submission process. As you can see, this is not an easy problem to solve.

They are exploring all options that would eventually deliver a new version of 7 Days to consoles but this would likely happen after the PC version has gone gold and could end up being an entirely new product or on the next console. Being as how current PC builds have broken current console savegames (a deal breaker for both systems) the video game you now have CANNOT be updated. Any future 7DTD console release will have to be a new SKU.

TLDR: Look for a new game after the PC game is finished. Don't be looking for an update to your current version of the game. That ship has sailed.

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