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Can't play the game. Fedup of hunting for books.


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Was changed ages ago (A16?) that you can alternatively skill everything so there is absolutely no need to wait for finding the correct books.



Probably you are playing on console and posted in the wrong forum. If you had posted in the correct console-subforum there is a thick fat red banner above with a link, where is explained that and why the console version doesn't get any updates.


Please learn how to use forums before ranting

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29 minutes ago, worstgameiveeverplayed said:

Fedup of hunting for books so I can cook some food or plant a seed.  Impedes progress and makes the game too grindy.  Please fix it.

Master Chef rank 1 unlocks a lot of basic recipes for cooking items.  You don't have to max it out unless you want the higher tier food items or the special brews.


Living off the land unlocks the seeds.  You can get by just 2 levels of it to unlock most seeds.


Good alternative if you don't want to track down the recipes or seeds in loot.

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In the user interface there is an icon of a pen. This will open the journal where you can read about how to spend skill points. Everything you were upset about not being able to do because you haven't found a book can be gained by spending skill points. You CAN wait for the books to drop if you want to spend your points in a different way but you can also spend points. Good luck to you in learning the game.


My brother just started playing and not only has he had a hard time figuring out some of the mechanics, I've had a hard time trying to explain it to him because some things are just so automatic for me I don't even think about them anymore. I'm constantly having to open my screen to the same thing he is looking at to tell him exactly where he should look or which icon to click. The game isn't as simplistic as veterans often believe it is.

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