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Can someone tell me how to modify weapon damage?

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I'm using a mod off Nexus that increases headshot damage and reduces body damage, but it only applies to vanilla weapons, and I've got a lot of new weapon mods such as STALKER and Wasteland Weapons. Can someone point me to the specific files I have to change in order to apply the same values to all of my modded weapons too?


My goal is to have a Romero-style world where there are hundreds of zombies that are all resistant to body damage but die in one or two hits to the head.

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You might just inspect the mod you are using to see how it does its magic. You need to learn the syntax of XPATH, but if you want to mod yourself you probably should do that anyway. There is a tutorial about it somewhere in the forum


Headshot multiplier should be somehwhere in progression.xml while all weapons and ammo should be in items.xml. Weapons added through a mod would  have the definitions in their mod directory defined as XPATH. Note that ammo has the damage and weapons just add a modifier so it might be easier to modify the ammo instead of all the weapons

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