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Much needed updates


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In response to pimp dreams on PC, Would be great for console though...


...Natural Disasters Update--

\\ Volcanoes would erupt on higher lvl locations such as naturally high mountains providing a lava pew that can be mined for precious materials including gold and gems and iron. You can even be providing a warning that a volcano is about to erupt nearby and you are in a potentially dangerous area.  Volcanoes can petrify trees making them give you coal instead of wood (that would be completely awesome.

\\ Lightning storms would also be cool. They can electrify zombies and make them have special (unknown) features (to be determined by you)

\\ Holiday events are possible, just not in the same aspect as ark would be.

Say for example, every 365 days the game would provide its Christmas Event, (Santa's slay would drop an airdrop off directly to you providing a lvl 600 gun and a full block of ammo for it), During this day, each trader could have special items available.. ie. Full blocks of Nitrate or gunpowder available for purchase at a discounted price. All basic items in trader could be 50% off for christmas events.. Besides, not too many people make it 365 days on a server.


..General Updates--

The game could also use more customization at main menu or pause menu.

It would be nice to have a mode that zombies never run like all star athletes but also not be completely the easiest mode, an option to make them harder to kill or hit harder.

An option to restart a world/seed in case something bad happened and you dont want to completely delete the world.

An option to refresh the traders to fix any potential bug that is preventing people from using them.

An option to build a manual save point. This is incase of a major bug that erases parts of your base and cause you to lose everything--1 save slot is acceptable

---There can be limitations on manual saves too, ie. 1 save per week maximum.. This will prevent people from trying to use it for exploitation purposes.

An option to control the size and amount of water bodies provided on map upon creation.

An option to attempt to control the average biome around hub city (heat control knob) or something to that nature.

Make keystone days a thing.... Day 100, 200, 300.

There are so many things this game has the potential to do that can trump ARK, screw ARK


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If "trickle" were possible. I don't have inside knowledge but from my experience with software design I can say this:


1) The console version was developed by a different team, nobody from TFP has intricate knowledge of that code base. Even small changes will likely generate new bugs that need to be fixed. By whom? They don't have the people for that in-house


2) The console version is old, really OLD. Almost all changes done for A20 won't even work in that old code without bringing in the majority of what changed since A15. In fact it would be easier now to throw away the code of the console version and port the newest version over than add some of the small features to the old code.


3) Console has additional costs for publishing patches. It is easier to make a big change and publish it than trickle small patches down to it. Anyway, there exists no publisher to do this anyway and TFP does not think it efficiently can do the publishing stuff without help


4) Why would they add new features at all? If there is one thing that old console version would need, then it is more bug fixes and performance improvements. But that train has left the station a long time ago when it made a stop at the bancruptcy court. 🙁


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thank you for this response, very informative, I understand that it is more likely and makes more sense to simply roll out an entirely new game then to make those major changes in code based on the logic of how old the other console code is. It would be easier to use the newer programs with all the code they have to offer to simply make a new game entirely. Yes bankruptcy court tends to mess everything up when it comes to these games. I am still very happy with the console version of 7Days. Maybe the future can turn some good leaves up on the right side for TFP to roll out something else amazing. It just sucks that so much time was lost, the idea of 7Days has so much potential for desired console players.. maybe i just need to get back into pc gaming again if I can stop trying to hack them lol. Thats kinda why I enjoy console so much, no keyboard with access to running memory to manipulate it. Kinda miss the N64 Gameshark that had that little button you would press to manipulate the game data, now that was cool lol. there were no limits to how you could manipulate any game. I would even make it say "Go Away" on the main screen of a game instead of "Press start" .


Well, thanks again for the timely  responses and best of luck in the future

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