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  1. No, Nope, Nada, Non, uh uh, nothing, never, negative, naw, nuh uhhhh, you wish, nay, nix
  2. I only play the game 99% of the time with friends online. Please feel free to divulge any POIs and other info on that map. I will try to do the same on one that my buds and I are playing. We had one going and I made a stupid mistake ( we play if you die, you choose if we start over or a new map ) and I died so I named it "I ****ed up" Only one capital letter and you must guess the *'s. Not a deep riddle, so far at least 5 traders , I believe 4 towns/cities plus Zero Zero a little bit of dead zone ( aka wasteland ) but good biome mix. We settled just SE of Zero Zero.
  3. I am not certain what I am going to do about the new version of console. I am currently a PS4 user but am leaning towards going back with the Xbox. I doubt I will buy it upon release because I still want to see what deals and discounts and price reductions will occur.
  4. Thank you for your reply, I am a nitpicker I will admit and the visuals have been the only thing stopping me from investing in the Long Dark. I have seen a variety of different videos on it but that is the main and really only reason I haven't purchased it. Thats why I say 7dtd really hit so many areas so well for me and why I have invested good Lord knows how many weeks ( no need to say hours or days at this point , heck months may be a better measurement source ) into it. But I certainly do appreciate your suggestions and your "rant" ( which I am grateful for ).
  5. Yeah I was hyped about The Forest and I think they made a similar mistake that 7DTD has/is doing. The fanfare around it lost its steam by the time it was finally available on the consoles. It is an ok game, not as good as 7DTD IMHO but ok. I got Stranded Deep as well, it is fine but again lacks certain elements for me. 7DTD was a shocking surprise for me. It has so much that I love about it but have just grown tired of. I want the survivalist non cartoony part, I think Zombies has been ( no pun intended ) done to death. I am just a gamer, I don't know anything about the industry except what I enjoy. Gone are the days when I will drop 60 bucks on a may be type of game. I bought all 3 of those mentioned for less than 60 combined. The only potential game on my horizon right now is the Mafia remake. But seriously thank you for the suggestions. If you have any other ones let me know please.
  6. You two have done yeoman's work in curtailing some of my ignorance. Some,,,,,, you aren't miracle workers of course . I think my frustration is unavoidable at this time. My friends and I still play this game regularly but have all grown a bit tired of it. Sadly there doesn't appear to be much that is similar on the market. If anyone has suggestions ( I play on the PS4 only ) please let me know. I enjoy the crafting and the first person aspect and the constantly having to be alert characteristics , so if you know of anything similar feel free to educate me. Thanks
  7. Very interesting info Mega. I am aware that you have a million times more info about this situation than I do but I can't possibly comprehend why TFP would have invested money in retaining/regaining the console rights if they have no outlook for development until at least 2 years from now. Don't get me wrong, it is a great concept and pretty good on the console, but it doesn't seem to me to be the caliber of a game that would hold console players for many years to wait in expectation of a fully supportable game. Now if they did it to sell it off to another developer then I can get that but not to simply hang on for future. Maybe it is just me but that doesn't seem like a wise investment. Again my ignorance and lack of data regarding these things are great, but to develop a game in Alpha on PC for 7 years and then whenever that is completed ( your guess is as good as mine ) hang on for more years for a console version seems either extremely ignorant or arrogant or both. Now again they may have zero intention or interest in doing anything on the console, and of course that is their right, but the whole issue just perplexes me. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I would think that would be to long of a seed name but worth a shot. how many traders so far or just one? thanks
  9. thanks for the link Sylen. I have discussed this with my friends who all play as well and while I totally appreciate and respect TFP for stepping up how they did ( yes some will say they should have done more but honestly they didn't HAVE to do anything, that was almost if not all on TTG imho) but I don't understand why they would have invested any if they didn't have a plan for the next console. I have no clue how much they invested to buy the console rights, I am sure it is a lot, but if anything over 5 bucks then why waste the money? The only way they could gain that back is if they had developed some add ons or updated the current version ( which they didn't ) or to plan for the next gen. Without knowing, nor I am I privy to gaining such info, the costs for the purchase and to develop a future version for console I couldn't possibly predict what their objective is in the console realm but I don't think they are virtuous or dumb enough to throw potentially millions so they can have a plaque on the wall stating they own the console rights. My ignorance on it is enough to fill all the oceans twice but from what little nuggets I do know the chances of them developing something seems pretty high. I guess now it is aligning all the right people/companies up and finding the best solution. Thats my 2 cents, keep the change.
  10. ohhhh the only rage you will get from me is bringing Old Yeller into the conversation, I would rage even more if I wasn't in a .....sniff....onion processing facility that.....whoosh....had a head level smoke channel slowly going by. Well my shoulders are drenched, so I best mosey on along.
  11. Excellent, a friend just suggested to me ( i have very little info gonna try it out soon ) Russia , thats it. One capital letter. i will try to get more info on it.
  12. Odd, hope it is not a constant issue for you. Thankfully I haven't experienced it.
  13. No , I have had the game lock up on me and not allow me to pick up anything to the point of where I had quit and go back in. But I don't think it ever did that in the forge
  14. I would like the Garden of Eden info please. My 2 buds and I are playing Ghostlight and liking it a good bit. My problem is I get so bored ( no matter the level really ) because once ( and this happens more often when you team up ) you get to a certain point it becomes boring. I know we could do a every man for himself approach but then we would probably get ticked when we start attacking each other's camp.
  15. Fair enough question, I would say i consider the features all of the maps you mentioned would qualify as good maps for me. Traders are perhaps my most sought after then towns, I play co-op with 2 friends so we try to locate as many key places as possible. I have played 2 of those maps nefore ( AA and Iri) I think I tried Ghostlight as well but am not certain. Either way thank you for sharing those with me and the others. If I come up with any that have similar towns and traders I will post them as well. EDIT: I also consider a good map to be one with not a HUGE amount of "dead zone" or what others I think call wasteland...dogs and mines
  16. Right on right on. I agree totally with all that has been said. I bought this game for around 20 bucks many moons ago because a friend asked me to find the best price for it so he could buy it. I have spent GOD only knows how much time on it, got 2 more friends to playing it and one is en route to play it with me and another friend tonight. I still with all the problems and issues suggest it to people. It is far from perfect but so very much fun. I play co-op with 2 friends and the laughter we have generated from it and the intentional scares and pranks we pull on each other has surpassed any other game I have ever played. Nothing like a friend telling you they are going to take a potty break and they come back to being boxed in with drop traps ( no life damage ) as their only way out. Tonight I intend on making a bet on who can kill the first zombie ( unbeknownst to them it will be set to the highest level ). I sincerely hope that TFP do have plans for a new version on the next consoles. All I ask is continue with the build/upgrade levels crafting. Keep surviving boys and girls...and Outlaws
  17. Welcome, there are still some survivors but not as vocal. You can find a few though if you scavenge well enough
  18. Just curious if anyone has created any really good maps. I have tested out and made a few but none I would suggest are really good as far as traders/poi's/etc...Thanks and Keep on surviving
  19. Thank you TFP, I bought this game many moons ago and have gotten a ton of fun out of it and caused many of my friends to buy it as well. It has honestly been one of the best game investments for me ever. I appreciate that y'all have the rights and hope you get back your investments a thousand fold. When I heard news about the announcement of course I had hoped for better but feared for worse. Realistically I understand your decisions and while I agree with others regarding a desire for DLC, if not I will still be satisfied for a new game in the future. Thank you for updating us after going through the attorneys and tons of paper work and giving us a heads up.
  20. This would be an AWESOME decision, from my point of view of course. And to do it the way as SylenThunder said to have it authenticated from a purchased console copy. I had thought about possibly buying the app for Steam but avoided doing so because I have felt slighted to a degree because of the issues on the console. While I am still satisfied with my purchase of this game ( PS4 ) there are more than a few disappointments on it.
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