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  1. Right on right on. I agree totally with all that has been said. I bought this game for around 20 bucks many moons ago because a friend asked me to find the best price for it so he could buy it. I have spent GOD only knows how much time on it, got 2 more friends to playing it and one is en route to play it with me and another friend tonight. I still with all the problems and issues suggest it to people. It is far from perfect but so very much fun. I play co-op with 2 friends and the laughter we have generated from it and the intentional scares and pranks we pull on each other has surpassed any other game I have ever played. Nothing like a friend telling you they are going to take a potty break and they come back to being boxed in with drop traps ( no life damage ) as their only way out. Tonight I intend on making a bet on who can kill the first zombie ( unbeknownst to them it will be set to the highest level ). I sincerely hope that TFP do have plans for a new version on the next consoles. All I ask is continue with the build/upgrade levels crafting. Keep surviving boys and girls...and Outlaws
  2. Welcome, there are still some survivors but not as vocal. You can find a few though if you scavenge well enough
  3. My controller for a loooong time just began always moving my character to the right , I finally broke down and bought another one not the PS4 one, and all seems to be great. Paid about 30 bucks for it but worth it. It only seemed to do it in 7 days but thats about all I play anyway so no real research on that. Happened periodically and not all the time.
  4. Just curious if anyone has created any really good maps. I have tested out and made a few but none I would suggest are really good as far as traders/poi's/etc...Thanks and Keep on surviving
  5. Thank you TFP, I bought this game many moons ago and have gotten a ton of fun out of it and caused many of my friends to buy it as well. It has honestly been one of the best game investments for me ever. I appreciate that y'all have the rights and hope you get back your investments a thousand fold. When I heard news about the announcement of course I had hoped for better but feared for worse. Realistically I understand your decisions and while I agree with others regarding a desire for DLC, if not I will still be satisfied for a new game in the future. Thank you for updating us after going through the attorneys and tons of paper work and giving us a heads up.
  6. Hey Tony, I recently did the same thing. Am doing similar to what Roland said. I have been playing the Steam version on my Nvidia shield. It is in some ways much better, in others eh, not so much. No more build 1000 arrows to increase your weapon smithing, as far as I can tell there are only 6 levels of tools/weapons. You get there by spending skill points. I don't think meat attracts zombies anymore. Takes much more to build splints. Night time is way less productive, only thing to do as far as I can tell is dig under your spot and get experience points and resources. Dogs aren't as fierce but wolves and vultures are *^%^(@&$. The compound bow is the best archery option. Do jobs from the traders, lots of exp. and some good money. No more picking cotton or flowers, gotta smash them. Carrying stuff is very tough initially, you only have so many free spaces til you are trudging along like an elephant riding a snail. The land claim keeps zombies from spawning at your location but I have had glitches where they do and have done so inside a trader ( didn't have a land claim there a dog just appeared inside, all doors shut ) . Feel free to ask and I will share what else I know.
  7. Thank you. I will have to do some more research due to my lack of providing more details. Noob error, I am using the Nvidia Shield with no keyboard ( a virtual one yes but only for inputting data ). Maybe I need to hold one of the buttons instead. I will give it a shot. Thank you. I figured it out. If you select the pole and hold down the far right button you can like Jeraal said select advanced placement.
  8. Hello as well, a semi-veteran of the console and just recently ( past 2 weeks ) became a noob via Steam for the game. I have a question that I did search and yes I will be holding onto the noob/newb title for asking it. In building a toothy, how do I ( this is in the Steam version ) flip the cobblestone poles to horizontal? I can build them vertically and use the left trigger to move them into various places vertically but can't figure out how to create the barrier at the bottom to prevent crawlers from entering and allowing me to strike them. I have searched to try to figure it out but have found nothing so far. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. This would be an AWESOME decision, from my point of view of course. And to do it the way as SylenThunder said to have it authenticated from a purchased console copy. I had thought about possibly buying the app for Steam but avoided doing so because I have felt slighted to a degree because of the issues on the console. While I am still satisfied with my purchase of this game ( PS4 ) there are more than a few disappointments on it.
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