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My dream of POI availability


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I was just thinking about this and thought I'd share.  I'm not sure how TFP manages the working process of their POIs but it would be nice if we have different versions of each POI.  Such as:


  1. An empty version (like a newly purchased/built home in the real world)
  2. A normal undamaged version (with furniture and other fixings)
  3. A complete open, damaged version (no guided maze set up)
  4. A guided maze version (if that applies to this POI)


Number 1 or 2 could be used as a starting point for making 3 and 4Not sure if TFP does something like this already but if they do then I'm just asking that they think about making the #1 and #2 versions available to the rest of us.  And if the move to guided versions doesn't mean they got rid of the old unguided versions then make those available, too.


Having all versions available would allow for a great many options when designing special areas of the game (for bandits or whatever).


Anyone else think about this?

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I agree, but I think the only way it’s going to happen though is if people use the poi editor tool and make copies of POIs and then “remodel” them, then submit to the combopack mod, or make it into a mod if you don’t want to follow the compopack rules.

ive done a few (and it was sorta fun, once you learn a few shortcut commands) and have a few more on the way.  It is time consuming though to do a “good job” but I would imagine that a basic “copy a house and clean it up” wouldn’t take too long.  I’ve tried “copy a house and then shoot it with the rocket launcher to make it destroyed and it’s actually a lot of work to go “clean it up” to make it look nicely destroyed.

there are some streamers that have done “houseflipper” series and I was like “man, they should save this poi and submit it!”


I think unless TFP does another POI cleanup or similar (like the addition of trim when it came out recently) for an alpha release, I personally don’t see them doing it in vanilla. Personally: I wish they added a ton more “vanilla paint types” and blocks (like the modders have done with new doors, flowers, nice windows,etc) and other paintable effects (bloody hand prints, red “water” you could put in a poi for blood pools, etc.) so remodeling a poi. Would have a lot more options to make them unique at least.


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I do like variety and perhaps if that suggestion were combined with other map generation factors, it might be handy. For instance, I'd like enough variety in POIs such that all four of those combinations don't appear on the same map for the same POI.


I think it would also be nice if the computer could take care of those variations itself. For instance, the computer could possible remove blocks it considered to be furniture if it decided it wanted version 1 instead of version 2. Coming up with an algorithm for the other variations is much harder.

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