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Horde Night Bugs (a19.3, SP, no mods)


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Hey guys,


I'm not too sure if others have experienced this, but my last two horde nights I've had (day 126 & 133) have been riddled with bugs:


- On night 126, about a dozen zombies spawned on top of my base

- On night 133, a few zombies spawned inside my base (I also found a screamer in my other home base earlier the same day)

- I tried to ride my motorcycle out of the area both nights, but I hit invisible walls on 3 different sides of my base on night 126 and 1 wall on night 133 (then reset the game)

- When I tried to drive towards a 4th side on night 126, my bike started clipping/sinking into the road very slowly (almost like quick sand)

- Finally, placing bars and rebar frames just wouldn't work. I could place the block and it would say that the space is occupied (i.e I couldn't place anything else in that space), but the blocks themselves would not appear and I could walk right through where I had placed them. I noticed a few of them eventually showed up, but as far as I can tell this would be completely dependent of where I was standing. For example, I filled a space in the wall with a rebar frame which wouldn't appear from inside my base and could be walked through, but from the outside the space was now filled and could be upgraded; however, once I went back into the base, those blocks had disappeared again and I could walk through them.


Has anyone else experience anything like this? If so, does anyone know of any solutions? I've played 234 hours so far and the only bugs I’ve experienced were block textures not loading properly sometimes, which was easy to fix by just reloading the game. These new bugs in a19.3 however are really game-breaking for me.


Also, I don't know if this is relevant, but my horde base was built from scratch, not inside a POI.


Thanks in advance and sorry for the long report.


Client Log (day 133 only): https://pastebin.com/JGRcjQvt

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Not seeing any errors in the logs, however there are a few things to consider.


1. Nothing is going to stop a bloodmoon horde from spawning in/on your base. They will typically spawn around 30 meters away from your current location, and if that happens to be where your base is, then you will get zeds there. LCB/Bedroll do not block bloodmoon or screamer spawns. They only block POI spawns.

2-x. For the bike clipping/sinking, this sounds like either a server sync issue, or slow storage for your save file. Although I suppose it could also be the fact that you have an absolutely archaic computer that does not meet the minimum required hardware to play.


Just a refresher.

Hardware Specifications
  Yours Minimum Required Recommended
CPU 1.1GHz Quad Core 2.4GHz Dual Core 3.0GHz Quad Core
GPU N/A Discrete card with 2GB VRAM Discrete card with 4GB VRAM
Storage ??? HDD with 12GB free space SSD with 30GB free space


A LOT of your issues are simply because that old system does not come close to the minimum required hardware specs to play.

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Hey Sylen,


Thank you so much for taking the time to read the client log and reply!


1. My base is quite small though and I've been inside it well before either horde started. Pardon my ignorance, but will they still really spawn so close to me even then?


2. I totally understand what you're saying about my PC specs (it's far from a gaming PC, so I play everything on the lowest settings possible lol), but I've literally had zero issues until these last 2 horde nights (since a19.3) and these issues haven't occurred at all in between those nights. Do you really think that this factor alone would cause these problem? (I'm asking sincerely btw, I am absolutely computer illiterate haha).

Also, I'm playing single player, so can there still be server sync issues in this mode?


Thanks again for replying man, I really appreciate it :)

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In Single-Player you don't have the server sync issues. Your hardware is causing a similar effect though as it's not capable of loading the data as your player moves on the vehicle. The issue with the bloodmoon spawns is just you being lucky until now. It's always been a possibility that it could happen. 

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Ah ok, fair enough man. Maybe my game stage is just too high on this save now and my computer's not handling the amount of zombies and stuff spawning on horde night..


I'll start a new game and see if these issues still come up.


Thanks again dude, you've been super helpful :)

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