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Running Man Challenge


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Hey everyone,

I decided to try something new with 7 days today.

I modified my config files to make all other entities 1-hit blocks, and multiplied zombie spawning by 6.

The playthrough is played on Warrior difficulty, and of course, given the name, the zombies also Run during the day, with nightmare speed 32 zombie hordes. 

World Gen Seed 8k: Cant Stop

I'm already close to death, as I think I made this a bit too hard, but if anyone was interested in the concept, I welcome you to try it and see how long you can survive. 

I don't know how to mod yet, so sorry in advance if you're interested...😅

Day 1 was a little slow to start, cause of my intense fear of leaving the spawn protection zone... 😱

Video here:


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Hey everyone!

After getting slaughtered last time early on, I decided to try again but with a running start. I gave myself some starting running clothing. (Shorts, T-Shirt & Running Shoes)

But I went from 6x zombie spawning to 10x zombie spawning to keep it interesting. 

There is actual editing on this one, and I'm going to keep improving as the series goes on. Hoping to do slowmo/speed motion scenes and add some music eventually. Just learning the ropes.

Hope someone enjoys this! I'm having a lot more fun this time, now that I'm more familiar with the modifications I'm playing with. 


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