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Gouki´s A19 Prefabs


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Hi everyone


Here are my first Prefabs, they are not that detailed, but I think something like that was missing from the game, enjoy them.
P.S. An apology for the previous post.


Apaxco Prefab


Apaxco Prefab.rar

Nitrogen:    xcustom_Apaxco_by_Gouki,Industrial;Downtown;Citycenter,2,0,68,11,68,citycenter;downtown;industrial


New version for those who don't like Prefab above ground, enjoy it.

To use in Nitrogen:    xcustom_Apaxco_by_Gouki,Industrial;Downtown;Citycenter,2,-1,68,11,68,citycenter;downtown;industrial


Apaxco prefab new.rar


I put download by mediafire, for those who do not have an account on the page.


Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/wc92ldo0l9pn3u9/Apaxco_prefab_new.rar/file


Works with A19 b180.




Apartment Building Prefab


Apartment Building prefab.rar


To use in Nitrogen:  xcustom_Apartment_Building_by_Gouki,Commercial;Downtown;Citycenter;ResidentialNew,2,-4,42,19,42,citycenter;downtown;commercial;houses 


Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/b6o9cm92safhb2b/Apartment_Building_prefab.rar/file


Works with A19 b180.





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5 minutes ago, Laz Man said:

Nice work Gouki!  Those are alot of pallets....It may rival the bob's boars POI for most loot OP POI in the game... 🤣


Thanks LazMan

It cost me to do it, being the first time I make a prefab, apart from that it also has hidden loot, enjoy it.

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