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  1. Maxley

    Train Station

    Thank you! I'm making a full set of train cars plus the locomotive next. I'll probably split the station and the train into two separate POI's. How do I generate a mesh file? I'm trying to look it up, haven't found any info yet. And when you say zone type, are u referring to the Prefab Properties tab which allows you to specify if it belongs in the burnt biome, snow biome, etc?
  2. Maxley

    Behemoth's Abode

    I like this POI quite a lot. Its small but action packed. If i start a new world soon Ill try to add this
  3. Maxley

    Train Station

    This is my first attempt at creating a POI. Its a work in progress. As the title states it is a train station, including a train passenger car. Once i learn how to effectively add sleepers then I'll update the file. I hope i imported this file correctly, if not let me know. UPDATED: -Added train locomotive -Added part of parking lot -Changed train cars to be made of concrete instead of metal for increased HP WILL ADD SOON: -Mesh file once I create simplified prefab version TrainStation02.7z
  4. I’ve noticed this when playing on servers, but on single player the combat is very fluid for me. Knowing your melee weapons range and using that knowledge to keep the maximum distance from a zombie while still being able to hit them is perhaps difficult at first for new players but you get used to it. How’s it feel in single player to you?
  5. No auto configuring please. Anytime in Minecraft when I want stairs to be a certain way they auto configure into the opposite way I want them. Just leave it up to the player with an additional shape in the shape menu
  6. I’d say that in terms of block damage, a iron tool should be better than a stone tool and a steel tool should better than an iron tool. So even a level 6 stone axe won’t do as much block damage as a level 1 iron axe, but it might be somewhat close so if you installed full mods in the level 6 stone axe the damage might be only slightly less. in terms if stamina I’d say it is perfect as it is now. If you want to effectively utilize iron tools you will need a couple of ranks in sex Rex and coffee on hand, and for steel you’ll need full perks in sex Rex and a coffee.
  7. I like the idea of having a slasher zombie type which has a high chance of causing bleed. Similar to the burning type zombie. I’m surprised how little discussion I’ve seen about the types of special infected there could be. I was thinking it would be interesting if there was a type of zombie that is pretty weak, low hp low damage, but if it gets within striking distance of you it latches onto your legs and holds you in place until you kill it. Then I realized you can’t see your own legs so it wouldn’t really work visually
  8. And you don’t even technically die, you just have a “near death experience”, so it would make sense if they made it so you keep all your buffs and debuffs. Although I do think the XP penalty is a good suicide deterrent at high levels, at least for me. At level 50 plus, making up that lost XP takes an annoyingly long time. But I would support the idea of persistent buffs/debuffs
  9. Excuuuuuuuuse ME! they aren't called "northern beans" they are called GREAT NORTHERN BEANS!
  10. I didn’t realize this pole existed until now. I’m not a fan of the current system but I do agree with the overall plan of game staging the loot. I see now that this isn’t a final version or even particularly close to it so I’m happy to wait and see what the Fun Pimps do. Based on what Roland said above, about having different biomes as well as specific POI’s affecting game stage as well as having sealed shipping containers have better or worse loot depending on the POI they inhabit, I feel much better about the future of loot.
  11. Equipping any two clothes of the same set always gives the same bonus. So hat + boots provides the same bonus as chest + gloves. the first two clothes add say +20% chance to get extra harvest item. Wearing three clothes increases that to +30% extra harvest Wearing four pieces of the same set increases that to +35% and also removes seed encumbrance. you could wear 2 farmer clothes for the +20% and 2 lumberjack clothes for +20% lumber harvest. EDIT: Actually I was looking at the full set bonuses again and I see that they are pretty insignificant. Like +10 armor rating. So mixing and matching wouldn’t be too penalizing if they stick to this route.
  12. This is hard for me to convey but oh well What about making it so set bonuses increase with diminishing returns for piece of set equipped. So for example, If you have 2 pieces of a set (Nerd Outfit for example) you get +10% to something, with 3 pieces you get +14% set bonus, and with 4 pieces you get +16% set bonus. So you can get partial set bonuses or you can go all out and get the full set bonus which is stronger but not tremendously so. The reason i suggest this is because then mixing and matching other clothing pieces would be more interesting. You could do 2 pieces of Nerd gear and 2 pieces of Scavenger gear for 2 fairly strong set bonuses at once, but you wouldn't be maxed out in either one. The total stat benefits of wearing 2 set clothing each would be better than the total stat bonuses of wearing all the pieces of one clothing set. On the other hand if you wear all of one clothes set you get a higher ability at doing one particular thing. Example: 4 Nerd Gear Equipped: +16% loot quality 4 Scavenger Gear Equipped: +16% more from scrapping/salvaging OR 2 Nerd Gear and 2 Scavenger Gear Equipped: +10% loot quality and +10% more from scrapping/salvaging
  13. Thank you for the explanation. Although these kinds of immersive quests would be cool, I understand what you are saying. You guys are pushing for gold and have a vision, I believe in the Fun Pimps Plan!
  14. I agree. Do you mean like having an NPC spawn there and sort of inhabit the POI after you do the quest? I had the idea that there could be a high tier quest to repair and restore power to an oil rig. It would require lots of materials (like 500 steel ingots) and perhaps some new specific parts like drive shafts or something. Once repaired though it will provide a continuous but slow supply of oil shale. Also the trader won't give a oil rig quest for that specific oil rig again. As far as restoring power to buildings for lighting goes, I think all buildings should have their lights be off by default at the start of the game. I don't like the idea of going to a POI with its lights on, starting a quest which turns its lights off, just to have you turn them back on again. Maybe they could have a power station POI that is like tier 5 which can restore power to a city block.
  15. Yeah adding a couple of musty old shamblers to the game would really help with the zombie theme. It would be pretty disturbing to have one of those guys burst out of closet and corner you in a small room. I think all the new zombie models are great but they’re all pretty fresh and all very unique and recognizable. I think adding some generic decayed zombies would help to make the current zombies feel less redundant.
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