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  1. Some unique zombie ideas for to be adding greater diversity in zombie hazards -Zombie cop acid pool should deal damage to blocks and players over time. So if you stand in a puddle of zombie cop acid you will take damage per second. -Zombie exploder: a zombie whose only purpose is to run to the player and once within a couple of blocks range they self detonate, much like a cop except they explode even if you kill them before they reach you. They should have low hp but fast movement speed. -Zombie grabber: this zombie grabs hold of the player when it comes within melee range and immobilizes the player until the player kills them. So you would want to take these zombies out first when fighting. This might be tricky to make it look like you are being immobilized by this zombie since we play in first person mode. -Zombie cannibal: this zombie eats the corpses of dead zombies which causes it to heal and become stronger and faster. -Zombie tanky ass boy: this zombie cant be knocked down or stunned and has a good amount of hp. Might not be a good idea, but it would add some variety. -Zombie necromancer: screams or something and brings nearby zombies back to life (Only zombies who still have heads). These zombies should be a bit rare because fighting several of these at a time would be stupid. -Zombie antifa: incites nearby zombies to become temporarily feral (increased move and attack speed). -zombie creeper: just follows you around but only attacks when you go below 50% hit points. Is extremely fast. If possible has a lunge animation similar to the ghouls in fall out 4. Ill think of more ideas.
  2. They said in the dev stream that the desert would be i think 2x base gamestage, snow would be x2.5 or 3, and wasteland x3 or 4. I don't remember exact numbers.
  3. @Roland For the biome gamestage multiplier will there also be a flat bonus to biome gamestage as well. What i mean is, if you enter the wasteland on day 1 with gamestage 1, then the gamestage in the wasteland would only be 3 since it has 3x mutliplier. So i think it would make since to add a flat bonus like +15 or 20 gamestage and then add the multiplier. This way it would be a worthwhile challenge to enter other biomes on day 1. So if you have gamestage 1 and enter wasteland it would go like this: (Your gamestage x 3) + 15
  4. You’re not a hater. I know what you are saying. I too wish they would add new challenges for the mid and late game. Some new interesting zombies with mechanics that you need to be careful of or perhaps wandering hordes that increase in size as the game stage rises or a setting which increases zombie movement speed for every week you survive for example. I know they will add bandits at some point so that should help hopefully and they have mentioned “special infected”.
  5. It’s just a matter of balancing numbers. Perks can cost more with each level. Also there could be diminishing returns. Another way to help balance it out would be to double the number of levels for a perk but half each levels benefit. however, I get what @Gazz is saying when he says that without attribute requirements people would just chose the same thing they always do with each play through. I remember playing Oblivion and I always chose heavy armor, repair, blades, etc and pretty much never deviated since there was nothing to prevent or discourage me from doing so. So in the end, I guess someone (not me lol) will have to make mod and then I’ll see how it feels.
  6. Yes I think removing the attribute requirements for perks would provide a great deal of freedom. And as I said earlier attribute points, if they continue to exist, can serve as a secondary bonus that enhance the character for further customization.
  7. I think they should remove attribute point requirements for perks. Just let the player mix and match perks as they wish. Why do attribute points exist? To funnel players into predefined roles. I know you don't have to stick to these roles, you can put points into multiple skill trees, but it is much less efficient. Player choice should only be limited by the base cost of perks as well as the increasing cost of leveling a specific perk. Also, having perks assigned to attributes is highly limiting to developers if they plan on expanding the perk trees. You have to consider where each perk would logically fit instead of just being able to make an interesting perk and add it to the list. Why are chefs under strength? Why are javelins under perception? Having to consider these things is a waste of time. If attributes have any place in the game, they would be as a secondary bonus that aren't tied to any specific perk. Probably have a separate attribute skill point that you gain when leveling up. As Liesel Weppen said above, just have attribute points provide non specific bonuses, like +3% melee attack speed or +5 hit points.
  8. I don’t think it would be unimmersive if the trader could only offer 1 quest a day or instead a handful of quests per week. Realistically there’s only so many drops a trader would need you to collect and only so many houses to clear. I think they should run out of work for you to do and you have to wait a few days to get more work. The game currently is all about quests.
  9. Its because the team is overloaded with things to do and they need more Fatals to get it all done in time. It takes quite a lot more than people realize to make a game. Its very stressful.
  10. No worries! Although I do enjoy my lobster red white mustached partially balding avatar, I understand that you guys are a small team and that you are pushing for gold. If it isn't feasible, then its ok! Good work as always
  11. Pretty active pvp server looks like. Looks like a lot of fun
  12. @madmole with the new character models, will we still be able to make our characters bright purple or any other unnatural color? I really enjoy having my character look as bizarre as possible so I hope this will still be a thing. Ark does an excellent job at letting you make a truly abominable characters, though I understand if body shapes like that aren’t possible for the sake of making armor not clip.
  13. Okay... too many ENTtittys, what about the just titty limit? Have they reached the limit there?? @Roland can you make the dev diary discussion always be at the top of the general forum page? Cause it gets buried way below a bunch of other topics and there's hardly anyone talking on it as it is. Just a request and thank you for all you do around here to keep things from falling into chaos
  14. Well when they add Ents into the game in alpha 21 i can see axes having a bonus damage against them, as well as molotovs and other fire sources.
  15. I'm not sure what all these mean but i think i like them. thank
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