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  1. Its because the team is overloaded with things to do and they need more Fatals to get it all done in time. It takes quite a lot more than people realize to make a game. Its very stressful.
  2. No worries! Although I do enjoy my lobster red white mustached partially balding avatar, I understand that you guys are a small team and that you are pushing for gold. If it isn't feasible, then its ok! Good work as always
  3. Pretty active pvp server looks like. Looks like a lot of fun
  4. @madmole with the new character models, will we still be able to make our characters bright purple or any other unnatural color? I really enjoy having my character look as bizarre as possible so I hope this will still be a thing. Ark does an excellent job at letting you make a truly abominable characters, though I understand if body shapes like that aren’t possible for the sake of making armor not clip.
  5. Okay... too many ENTtittys, what about the just titty limit? Have they reached the limit there?? @Roland can you make the dev diary discussion always be at the top of the general forum page? Cause it gets buried way below a bunch of other topics and there's hardly anyone talking on it as it is. Just a request and thank you for all you do around here to keep things from falling into chaos
  6. Well when they add Ents into the game in alpha 21 i can see axes having a bonus damage against them, as well as molotovs and other fire sources.
  7. I'm not sure what all these mean but i think i like them. thank
  8. I mean, if they had they had the time to do something like this, I would definitely agree it would be good. But I am pretty sure they are already putting all their time into making new POI's and improving pre a17 POI's. I don't think the fun pimps have spare time currently to do something like this.
  9. It would be ideal if they could do that but it isn’t something that they have the time or man power to do. Even if they managed to make 3 variants for every POI players would figure out the fastest way to cheese it and get to the loot for all of them, it would just take 3 trails per POI instead of 1. just reduce the amount of loot at the end to one hardened chest and one box and spread the rest out around the POI more. Sham way actually does this pretty well already. There’s like 3 worthwhile loot piles throughout the building besides the very top loot.
  10. For highways maybe you could find a way to replace the 90 degree turns with curved pieces instead. I can take a look at your highways and see if I can help there. I really like the open sewers so far. I think adding overpasses and a sort of raised highway that intersects the island in two or more places with on and off ramps would add a lot to the appearance of it being a dense city. Perhaps the highway could split off with one section going diagonally and the other going straight. Add some depth and realism.
  11. That pink place must have been a pretty fun place to be before the apocalypse! Good work on these!
  12. Looks pretty good, ill add it when i start a new game thanks
  13. Thank you! I’m going to give that a try now. I’m still working on the train station prefab, just have to add sleeper volumes and loot. I think I’ll just have one passenger car though rather than putting the whole train dungeon next to the train station. Was that picture of the cafe you showed on my train station thread a POI you made?
  14. I expanded upon my train from my train station POI. Originally I only planned on creating one passenger car, but I decided part way through that I really enjoy making trains so I made a full passenger train consisting of a passenger car, diner/dome car, and a locomotive/engine car. They all hook up together to make one long, narrow dungeon. I want people to test my train dungeon and tell me if it seems balanced or if the difficulty needs tweaking. ALSO: How do you add functioning quests to a prefab? Entrance Side View Front
  15. Maxley

    Train Station

    Thank you very much! That's a lot simpler than I thought it would be lol. And good idea about making backup files. I just made a backup right now when I read your reply.
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