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A19 b169 Bug: Stamina calculation

Liesel Weppen

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Based on this thread i did some testing:


Charakter Level 11, 111 Stamina, Iron Pickaxe lvl3. Singleplayer (not on a server).

I counte the picks on stone until the next pick is out of stamina. Counting was manual so it may be 100% accurate but even with a little varianze the results should look completely different.


no armor, 10sta/s	        
            none     water     coffee      blackstrap		
sexrex1	    15	     17	       21	       21		
sexrex2	    21	     30	       48	       49		
sexrex3	    34	     72	       almost inf  almost inf		

full heavy armor, 3,25sta/s 
            none	 water 	   coffee	   blackstrap
sexrex1     14	     17	       21	       21
sexrex2     21	     27	       47	       49
sexrex3     34	     68	       almost inf  almost inf	

Very interesting is when stamina is nearly empty. If ~20 stamina is left after the next pick it restores again to 19-20 until suddenly it drops to 11 what makes the next pick impossible.

Also very interesting when it comes to "almost inf" stamina. The first picks after each pick stamina restores fully back to 111. But after some picks it drops to 100-105. Game repeates, stamina restores to the exact same value for a few picks, then suddenly drops a few points again.


Even more interesting, even if full heavy armor drops stamina regen from 10 to 3.25 (seen on the stats screen) it seems to have almost no effect when mining!?


My theory on this: Do actions like picking and the stamina regen counter perhaps run in different threads? So there could be a resonance between the action interval and the regen interval, heavily depending on the timings on each system? For me it looks like sometimes the regen tick is not applied. Since this heavily relies on each system (performance) that could explain why some people complain about very heavy stamina use (and therefore food consumption) and for others it seems to work "normal"?

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