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is it posible to code a weapon mod (Melee) that increases damage by X percent up to Y percent with each consecutive, not missed, hit,? (I.E a t6 stun baton does 15 damage, 1 hit does 5% extra so 16,, then x, etc until you get a damage of 25 on a single enemy, after you kill that enemy, it resets.

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has anyone asked or talked about maybe adding a double door 2x2 i see theres a 3x2 but no 2x2 i would  like 2x2 for my base instead of having 2 1x2's and i kinda built my house evenly numbered and a 3x 2 would look off centered just thought id ask

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is there a way to code in a mask that, maybe, the Duke has mandated from his such high place..

one that must be worn in every public place, that maybe should be mandatory, and mandated..

or maybe a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the head, covering the face from the nose to below

the chin..

it could be just a normal cloth or a more expensive cloth, with some kind of designation from the Duke

that says that it is an even better cloth than just a regular cloth..

but not the bandana, that is not acceptable to the Duke, the bandana is just too loose, i guess, and that will not

block the bad thing..

there just must be a thing that you can be required to wear on top of your face when you are looting the holmes depot,

that i can refuse to wear, just to add a little realism to this game...


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