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  1. that was the code in a19, they have different groups and containers now.. but i do remember commenting that line out once, and it was Books, Glorious Books...
  2. typically - 5 - melee, melee, tool, range, range, range, tool, tool, first aid, drink right now - (steel)axe, stunner, impact, CC, m60, pump, pick/shovel, knife, FA bandage, coffee shovel does just fine if surprised while digging, and impact driver is also fine if caught in mid brrr while wrenching the everything..
  3. I have my own qol modlet that I run, just some adjustments to make the game feel more comfortable to me.. (sp and kinda more casual).. along with a few of Khaines (slightly bigger backpack, hordes anywhere..) Late in A19, like sometime in the last month or so, I changed repairing T3 items from the magic repair kits, to needing to use the appropriate parts.. So far I am really liking that, and it is nice to have a use for them, apart from just box-fillers and trader-fodder.. also, i was pretty pleased to find that I only needed to make some very minor changes to it from 19 to 20..
  4. I would say the biggest thing is the garbage bags everywhere.. I even went as far as to change the xml so that they auto-poof after looting them. (also boxes and little office waste bins, and a few others that use the same container ID).. Cars/carts on the roads that I use frequently need to be removed, so i do.. Trees hanging over roads also get chopped. none of these are really "illogical", though, more just OCD things.. at least the bags of trash part..
  5. <passive_effect name="StaminaChangeOT" operation="perc_subtract" value="1.4"/> try lowering this number
  6. that's right, rad extends the base bird not to mention it's just easier.. but if I really wanted to get rid of them, i would do something like: <remove xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='EnemyAnimalsWasteland']/entity[@name='animalZombieVulture']" /> <append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='EnemyAnimalsWasteland']"> <entity name="animalChicken" prob="30"/> </append> replace the vultures with chickens.. pigeons for the wasteland, and RoadRunners for the desert.. give that coyote something to chase.. anyway, that is just another option.. doing this way, though, you have to find every group you want them out of.. i have tried the All wildcard (*) too, and it doesn't seem to like it, unless i just did it wrong..
  7. I just changed this line in entityclasses, and it really helped with them not being a so harassing.. <set xpath="entity_classes/entity_class[@name='animalZombieVulture']/property[@name='SightRange']/@value">7</set> I did that when i did a "living in the desert" play.. it may suit what you are wanting.. they are still there, for the ambiance, but leave you alone for the most part..
  8. I started the first night on the roof of the Motel 7 next to Rekt, but didn't like the half-blocks up there causing the floating boxes, so I moved the next day to the AmIGone about half a block away.. Now I have my main base there, and two secondary bases in other cities, also in the funeral home.. I don't know if I would say it's my "favorite", but it certainly seems to be what I am using..
  9. Oh, well.. there, that's better.. Thanks, Lenny..
  10. yes.. Silence the Buzzards... cut out their tongues, gouge out their eyes, and clip their wings... Perfect.
  11. "entity_classes/entity_class[@name='EntityLootContainerRegular']/property[@name='TimeStayAfterDeath']/@value"> there is also Strong, Boss, and Bandit
  12. XML says 1200 seconds (20 minutes )
  13. ya know... you can actually look at a preview of the map right there in the generation tab after it magics a new world for you...
  14. yep, i've seen this, too.. not even not going the intended route
  15. The easiest way to cure infection is to not get infected...
  16. I was going to give you a cookie, but that cookie is kinda: Toll-House meets Nestle meets Chips Ahoy, so you probably wouldn't like it...
  17. That's what I did with mine.. but, instead of just one part to repair the items, I set it so that one part would repair 100 durability points.. e.g. a shotgun with 546 durability would use 6 parts to repair fully from 0
  18. this is definitely a thing that should be a thing... i even did mod my own files so that at least the top tier items, i.e. the things that use PARTS to craft, also now use those specific PARTS to repair, instead of the magic repair kits.. i like how it is working out
  19. yep.. think the Romero Mod is just what he is looking for.. (and may have already found it by now..)
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